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Did you know that some of CSGO gambling websites were owned by just one person? I could tell you that there are some who were owned by only one guy, but not all of them are legitimate. To tell you honestly, it is tough for a person to manage multiple sites like this. However, I always believe that as long you have time management, you can overcome the odds just like Drakewing does. Speaking of this service, today I’m going to review its reliability as a CSGO betting website. I know most of you ladies and gentlemen who are hardcore players are desperate for the dream skins you want to win on this platform.

Without further ado, I would like to reveal few scam cases on the internet if they really true or not. No matter what your point of view is, it’s just my opinion on what I am thinking about these fraud issues. Let’s get started!

The first case that I am going to reveal came from HLTV forums. A certain user named SupahHotFire claimed that he won 14,000 coins here. He wanted to send the coins to his friend but he did not know how to do this. The title of his post is no other than “Drakewing Scam?”. As of this moment, there’s no one who replied to his forum post. For me, I don’t think he assumed that this service is not legit. He just asked everyone about their opinion if this platform. Since no one has replied him yet, I assume that there will be competitors and haters who are going to persuade him to move to another CSGO gambling site that they’ve owned.

Another case that I have found on Google is from the Reddit. One guy claims that Drakewing has scammed him after he earned a good amount of money to be converted to CSGO items. The money wasn’t returned to his account after the big success in betting. He even posted a Youtube video as a proof regarding the case. In my own opinion, I think this guy who posted about this issue is pure nonsense. He’s just a complete hater who is creating stupid stories for the new and existing players to change their minds and move to somewhere else.

However, there are some real cases that some players were scammed by Drakemoon (the sister site of Drakewing) by not sending payouts to the winners of the game. They don’t let their players withdraw skins once and for all. They just force them to sell their items back and play it all again. It’s not really good for all CSGO players though, and they would end up losing their time and hard-earned money for this. No matter if there are some controversies surrounding Drakemoon(check out our review), I think Drakewing is totally different. Maybe both of them are sister platforms, but I think there are no reports or cases that Wing was scamming anyone.

With the growing number of happy users here, I think there is no doubt that this site is legitimate.

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If you want to support our project then please don’t hesitate to use our Drakewing gift code ESPORTSNINJA. Once you are going to use this code to join, it is guaranteed that you will be given a thousand stars for free. There is a price to pay for every member who wants to withdraw their free stars. You need to deposit a minimum of $8 to be eligible for withdrawals.

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drakewing com fees house edge commissions

Did you know that the house always wins? In the rule of gambling, you can’t win against the house. When it comes to the house edge, Drakewing is taking a percentage of every victory from the Jackpot. Roulette has the same odds as usually and there is no information about the other modes, which is bad.


cs go legit skins bets

There are 4 different game modes presented on this service. The names of these are Drakespin (a basic CSGO roulette), Starcrash (Crash game), Starslots (a spin machine) and Drakepot (jackpot game). The chat isn’t public for visitors. You need to log in to start chatting with other users who are participating in betting here. Not only that, they also have three leaderboard sections on the left (Lead Stormtrooper, Yoda The One And Only and Lead Vader).


drakewing com pros cons

Affiliate program

Members can promote this service to others in exchange for coins. All you have to do is sign in and share the link to your friends.

It has a variety of gambling options

The various CSGO wagering features that they have is what sets them apart from the others. It allows you to switch them anytime you want.


Controversial customer service

For me, I think this site is a bit messy in dealing with customers. I believe that customer service is always one of the main factors of the business. If they cannot fix these issues, they might not last long in this industry.

$200 for unlocking the chat

I think this is absolutely ridiculous. For those of you who wants to socialize with other gamblers while playing, it needs you to unlock the chat by betting $200. Damn!

That’s all for now. Thank you very much for taking your time to read my review about Drakewing. Have a nice day!

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