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csgo skins betting site legit

Drakelounge is the Drakemoon’s 3rd site and consists of match-betting on different eSports such as Counter Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2 and Overwatch. This service enables its users to bet money on these matches and the goal is to predict the winner of a certain game between two teams. The odds are determined on each team’s skill-level compared to the other and there are often an underdog and an overdog depending on who is the favorite to take the victory.

Drakelounge has a great reputation with many people thinking that it is legit and playing on their platform daily. There are no serious reports of any fraud and there are no incidents where people haven’t received the money they deposited or the skins they withdrew. As with Drakemoon’s other services, the support system is not too great and there are long queues for the answers that are often automated copy/paste emails.

As mentioned before there is no real evidence of scams but there are multiple posts in different forums such as Steam, Reddit etc. where people claim to have their balance deducted by Drakelounge. Most of those reports are from the time where you could get 5 dollars for free by using any given bonuscode, not many people read the rules behind the promotion system.

In the rules, it was stated that you had to bet at least $10 and deposit another $10 before you could pull out anything from the site. When you deposited the $10 you would have to bet another $10 because they have an anti-trading system that forces you to bet the entire worth of your deposit before you can withdraw. Many people got upset when they had to bet another $10 and most of these posts are just users ranting about the promotion system.

The other half of the posts are from guys who didn’t get the skin they withdrew but the money was removed from their online balance. At the time being, Drakelounge used same withdrawal system as Drakemoon which meant you often couldn’t take out your skins. Many people called them scammers because of this but in reality they would just have to wait a few days to either get their skin or get their money back. It was for sure not a good and very ineffective system but it was none or the less not a scam and have never been.

To conclude, it is a great and flawless platform with very few to none mistakes such as the customer support service.

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drakelounge com bonus promocode free moneyYou can use our Drakelounge code sY2J3P to get yourself $1 for free to play with on the different services. If you know a lot about certain franchises such as Counter Strike GO and the pro scene a good idea would be to enter the fantasy contest. The cheapest costs $1 and the player who makes the best team wins the grand prize of $90 while the 2nd best gets $54 and the 3rd placed users wins $36. Please bear in mind that you need to deposit before withdrawing anything from the site.

drakelounge com bonus promo code free coins


drakelounge com house edge fees commissionsThere is no direct house edge on the service but they do, as many other sites, give the players bad odds in order to turn a profit. From a complete 50 – 50 matchup, both teams will have only 1.80 odds which mean Drakelounge takes 20% as a commission for hosting the event. The fantasy mode neither pays all back. For a Fantasy game with 200 people depositing $1 which means a total of $200 only $180 will be paid back to the users and so they keep 20 bucks for themselves.


cs go skins gambling siteThere are many unique features coming along with this platform. The fantasy service is probably the most significant of them all. This enables the users to create a team of Counter Strike pro players that they believe will do well within the next given time. The user who creates the best squad at the end of the period, it usually last 1 day to 1 week, will win the grand prize. This is quite a different game mode and not something that is seen on many other gambling and match betting bookies. With the Fantasy game comes a whole new menu section including “My teams” and “My contests” which are just to give the user an easy overview of their current bets.

Besides the quite unique game Drakelounge has more normal features like “Top 100” and “Scoreboard”. Top 100 is just a table showing the top 100 best players within the categories “Most bets won” and “Best return on investment” which is a term to express your winnings compared to your losses. The scoreboard is a very simple chart that shows you all the upcoming, live and recently finished rivalries of both Counter Strike, LoL, Overwatch and Dota 2. It is very nice to get a quick overview of today’s games and just a great tool to use.


drakelounge com pros consPros

  • Great design, looks very smooth and flawless
  • Unique mode named “Fantasy” which adds another dimension to matchbetting
  • A scoreboard of all the best users
  • Quick overview of today’s upcoming matches and recently finished ones
  • History of all your previous bets, your total losses, and total wins
  • $1 by using code sY2J3P
  • Great store always filled with nice skins and refilled daily
  • Clean chat to discuss betting tips and upcoming matches


  • The support system is not very great – slow to answer and bad responses
  • The odds are not very good, favoring the site by 20%
  • They take 10% of the total prize pool for Fantasy games
  • You need to bet $80 to be able to use the chat room
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