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cs go legit skins gambling

CSGOWitch.com is the admins of CSGOAtse.com (check our review) latest project and still in beta version. It is basically the exact same website as CSGOAtse with the exact same game modes just with a different design and I am not 100 % sure what the point of making it was.

When researching the legitness of the service it seems reasonable to check the other platforms reputation and reliability. In this case, everything seems pretty flawless, all of the websites created by these admins have a good reputation and a very low amount of unhappy users. The big fanbase largely outnumbers the negative individuals and most of these who reports the platform for scamming are people who unfortunately lost their skins and desperately try to get them back in various ways.

I can ensure you that CSGOWitch is a safe place to deposit your skins to and that everything will be done correctly. Their withdrawals work optimal and no flaws either here to be found. I don’t see why you would be afraid to use this service. In any way it is one of the most reputable sites out there with some of the most experienced founders.

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csgowitch com bonuses promocode free moneyWhen signing in to CSGOWitch for your first time our Friends code CSGONINJA will earn you 500 coins which equal $0.5 that you are free to play around with and try to win some nice skins. Since it is a promotional affiliate code it can only be used once so be careful when betting.

csgowitch com bonus promo code free coins

Besides the free 50 cents, there are giveaways in the chat every 1 hour. You can participate in those by clicking “Giveaway” right next to the chat panel. You will have to join their Steam group, follow their Twitter, have CSGOWitch in steam nickname and own Counter Strike Global Offensive. If those requirements are fulfilled you will be entered in the next hourly raffle.

After the giveaway, $20 will be awarded to the one lucky person in the chat. Since they are hourly you will need to sign in every hour to manually enter the current raffle. Besides promo codes and winning free money, you can claim every 60 minutes your own guaranteed bonus of 30 coins which requires the same conditions as the chat promotion.


csgowitch com house edge fees commissionsThere is no actual fee on any of their many game modes but the odds obviously favor the house since that’s their way of turning a profit. The tibian dice and blackjack give the player the worst odds while the roulette or crash is your best shot at winning some big profit.

You should not try your luck with Blackjack unless you know the game very well. For the average user who is not much of an experience blackjack player it will almost certainly end in a loss and only more experienced guys will know how to actually beat the house by playing the odds correctly.


cs go skins gamblingThis service hosts multiple features one of them being their many unique game modes such as Tibian dice which is not seen on any other platforms than CSGOWitch and CSGOAtse. These are the website with the highest paying hourly raffle at $20. Most other platforms only give away around $5 and $10 at the very maximum, so it is a very generous amount.

You can level up by playing on the site but unfortunately, this cannot be used for anything besides unlocking chat at level 6. Since it is still in Beta rewards per level might be introduced in the future.

There are certain requirements for withdrawing. A user needs to either deposit $2 worth of skins or a total amount of $50 wagered on the platform. Besides these rules, your wager has to be higher than withdrawal. This means you must have wagered more money than what you are going to withdraw. This is a very common way to avoid people from using it as a trading service since that is not what it is intended to be used as.

CSGOWitch has implemented a provability system that enables the players to confirm every roll that has happened.


csgowitch com pros cons


  • Great reputation and very experienced owners
  • Great reliability and no reports of scams
  • Hourly giveaways and free guaranteed money
  • 50 cents for free with the code CSGONINJA


  • A deposit of $ 2 is required in order to withdraw or $50 wagered on the website
  • Your wager has to be higher than whatever you wish to withdraw

Please bear in mind the service is in Beta while this article was written and some things might have changed since then.

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