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CSGOAtse is one of the oldest sites out there and has a great reputation. Personally, I am not a huge fan of this service because of the bad odds on many of their games but they are very reliable and trustworthy. There are slim to no posts on online forums about Atse scamming their users and the few there are, consists mainly of people who either did not accept the deposit offer, got scammed by impersonators or something else. There is no real evidence that CSGOAtse.com is not legit and no reasons to suspect such thing.

Many of the big old csgo betting sites closed with the huge scandal where Steam banned a lot of trading bots in order to close the big presence gambling has in the csgo community. CSGOAtse is one of the few who kept going while this went on and today are one of the biggest services out there. Just the size of the audience should be enough to prove its reliability, millions of users would not use the service if it scammed players.

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csgoatse com bonus promocode free coinsThere are a few ways to earn free coins on CSGOAtse, one of them being by entering our code esportsninja which will give you 1000 points added to your balance (1000 points equals to 1 $ in csgo skins). Please remember this is a one time offer and cannot be used multiple times. Besides using our promocode you can log in every 6th hour to collect 40 credits for free. They frequently change the hourly bonus, sometimes it is only 4 hours and sometimes up to 24 hours. The amount given will, of course, vary depending on the time between collections of free coins.

csgoatse com free money promo code bonus


csgo atse fees commissions house edgeThere are a few things that are important to know when playing on CSGOAtse. First of all, they have this game mode “Tibian Dice” which I would not recommend you to play. You need to predict the outcome of the next dice thrown with the numbers 1-6. It means that you have 1 out of 6 or 16% chance of guessing right but they only pay you back 5 times the bet if you win. If you do the multiplication you will see that they give you very bad odds! They pay back only 80% of the money actually placed on this game which is a lot lower than any other modes which pay back between 90-100% of the money spent.

The other game mode which you should not use too much is the blackjack. If you do not know blackjack, do not bother playing it. Blackjack requires quite a lot of knowledge to profit from not to mention the site gives you worse odds than a normal BJ table.

When you deposit to the site it is important to know that you need to bet with at least 70% of your deposit’s worth before you will be able to withdraw your coins. This is to prevent people from depositing with the only reason of withdrawing something undervalued on their shop. This is a pretty standard anti-trade system but just keep it in mind when depositing something expensive.

They do take a slim percentage of the coinflips on their freshly launched site CSGONecro which is directly linked to their original service. Since this is a coinflip for skins they take some of the smallest items as their house edge. A way to not get taxed by the house edge is by betting only 1 big skin vs 1 big skins, that way there are no small items for them to tax and you will get all your winnings.


csgo coinflip roulette skins games blackjack
CSGOAtse has some quite unique features. As mentioned before the “Tibian Dice” is statistically one of the worst games to play, none or the less it is also quite rare to see on other sites. I have never seen the same game before, yet it is pretty simple and pretty much the same as doing Dice with 16% chance on other sites.

They are one of the few csgo gambling services to have blackjack, for some reason this is not too popular among csgo audience, probably because it takes a very good understanding of the game to be able to win consistently.

When creating their coinflip game, CSGOAtse twisted it up a bit by changing it to “Russian Roulette”. Like in the real, yet very barbaric game, each user take a turn to roll the gun and whoever gets shot first loses and the other guy will get all credits.


csgoatse com pros cons


  • Unique game modes
  • Free coins multiple times a day
  • Free 1 $ using code esportsninja
  • Good reputation
  • Provably fair system


  • Bad odds for “Tibian Dice” and Blackjack
  • You need to bet 500 $ or 500.000 credits in order to use the chat
  • You need to bet 70% of your deposit before you can withdraw
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