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Is Dealskins.com legit? Fake Promotions and Rigged Stats!

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cs go skins legit case opening site

This is a case opening based gambling platform where users can deposit money either through G2APay or with csgo skins and open different crates to win skins worth either less or more than the costs of the roll. Dealskins does not have a very good reputation and is not very trustworthy. Honestly, the design is not that bad compared to other big services and share many similarities with the way bigger platform, Hellcase (btw check out our review).

It has been quite hard to determine whether or not Dealskins is actually legit but after some research, I’ve come to the conclusion that I would not recommend you to deposit any of your own skins here. There are for sure some people who seem very grateful for depositing since they have been able to withdraw expensive winnings but there are unfortunately also a large number of videos exposing the site for scamming and if you type “Dealskins” in the search bar at YouTube the first autocorrection will be “Scam?”.

In the videos, the uploaders show that they are unable to withdraw anything from the platform and that the winnings shown in the left side of the template are fake. When they click on the persons who apparently won an item and check his or her inventory nothing is in it. This keeps on going for a while and it seems pretty clear that the site uses fake bots to show off great winnings and won’t let the real users withdraw their money.

One thing I noticed while watching the videos was the fact that they had way more dislikes than actual likes which might be Dealskins staff trying to hide these videos. The owner is based in Romania or Russia according to Scamadviser and seems pretty shady. The admin has completely hidden his identity and it is really hard to track him which might be because he does not want to actually be paired with the platform.

Anyways, there is a counter in the down left corner which states there has been more than 5.5 million crates opened and 550.000 unique users registered. I do not see how this is possible for a website with such low traffic and I see no reason for not faking such numbers to convince users that everything is legit.

Weirdly enough they also state that there are more than 850 users online which is pretty much the same as most other big gambling services. The only difference is that platforms with this high traffic normally have a case opened every 5 seconds or so. But Dealskins get maybe 1 or 2 drops per minute. Everything seems kinda sketchy and I highly recommend you to not deposit any real cash.

Another thing I noticed while browsing through the template is their fake promotion. They claim to have “PewDiePie”-case while PewDiePie has never actually made csgo related content and surely not any gambling related videos. The only reason they would do so is to improve their trustworthy by sponsoring such a big Youtuber. Some might think it is legit since PewDiePie has approved it – obviously, that is not the case but just another way to try and mislead their users.

The final thing I want to mention is their discount on certain drops. They claim that you get 90% discount off their “Summer 2017” that it is actually $29.99 but you will be able to open it for only $2.99. First off, it has never been at this price which means it is basically just fake promotion to make you believe that you get more value for the money. For their “Knives” they give 20% discount putting it at only $79.99 instead of the initial $99.99. What they don’t tell their users is that they just make the odds even worse they were before so it is not like you actually get any discount: the average skin per dollar spent is just as bad as it was before.

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dealskins com bonuses promocode free moneyIf you really want to try the site out yourself my advice would be to use our Dealskins code CSNINJA to get 50 cents for free which can be used on the service to open various drops. If you actually manage to win something despite the odds being against you, please try to withdraw them immediately. If the withdrawal somehow works for you that’s great! The reason why I’m telling you this is because they have hidden in their Frequently Asked Questions that they will sell any skin in your inventory after an hour of winning the skin if you don’t withdraw it.

dealskins com bonus promo code free coins

I’ve read many posts where the person says that he or she wasn’t able to withdraw the skin because it was out of stock and by the time support answered him… The skin was sold back to the site. The reason they do so is to keep the money on the platform, the fewer items withdrew the more money for them. They want you to keep on gambling as this will eventually end up in a loss.


dealskins com house edge fees commissionsThere is no house edge on Dealskins but that is pretty much the standard for any pay-to-open service and there are absolutely none features that are unique in any way.


dealskins com pros cons

  • No house edge
  • Free money with our code CSNINJA


  • Probably a scam site
  • Many problems with withdrawals
  • Fake promotions
  • Possible fake bots impersonating real users
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