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is casegod net legit? is a new kid on the block on the platform of case openings. They just recently launched. And when I mean recent, it means that they just launched on June 17, 2017. Due to its early stages, we cannot tell you yet if this is a legit or not since there are only a few users who are online during the day. The highest user count I have seen is 27, and that is not what you are looking for at unboxing service, even though it is a new one.

I have scoured Google for information about CaseGod, but since it is new, there is little info about them. There are no Steam Community or sub reddits about legitimacy. The only piece of information that I found out is a Twitter account. What is unsettling though is that their Twitter has 14.3k followers. It might have to do with the Giveaway they did for a promotion in the past to hype up the account. Even then, that promotion still does not have any winners based on the tweets and the event was launched back in November 2016. There are messages in there dating as far as February 2017 and there is still no winner announced in that AWP Dragon Lore raffle. That is a Strike One in my book.

Second thing is, their Twitter account has only 5 tweets. Each message was spaced at a month or two months in between. The first tweet, which was the promotional giveaway was in November. Next one was in February, then there was one in March. The most recent messages were in June when they launched the site. In each of those tweets, people are complaining about their raffles and also their website that it does not work properly. That is a Strike Two in my opinion, based on the legitimacy of CaseGod.

They do not even interact with the people in those tweets. I looked at all the replies to their giveaway message and not once have I seen the account owner reply. Not only that, their tweets are somewhat lacking in content and the screenshot for the Dragon Lore raffle might have been downloaded from Google and they just put in their designs on it. They chose the most common picture of the Dragon Lore and passed it off like they owned it.

Now let’s head over to the website itself. I was looking for a support link anywhere and I could not find it. All the links that they have in there is the Affiliate, FAQ and the Containers link. The FAQ page is a direct copy from HellCase(check fresh review), which is another popular unboxing site. They did not even bother to make their own FAQ’s page. The web design itself is a direct copy of KuyCase as well. They just changed up the image files for the containers to make it look original. What is funny though is that the deposit works properly, which only means one thing. The owners of this service have only one thing in mind. To SCAM as many people as they can.

With all these information that is readily available on Twitter and Google, it seems that they already have destroyed their reputation before they even launched. I would not be surprised if, in the future, lots of people will get scammed and then would complain in Steam Community and in Reddit, which are the most common venting places of these gamblers.

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casegod net bonuses promocode free moneyLike any other gambling site, they offer an affiliate program where if you can invite a lot of people, it increases your earning potential. Their program works on 3 levels. The Bronze rank will grant you a 0.5% commission on all cases opened by your referrals. The next level, Silver Rank will grant you a 1% commission and it is attainable when you reach between 500-2500 players. The highest level is the Gold Rank where you earn 1.5% commission. You would need to have over 2500 referrals to be able to hit this rank. Use code CSNINJA to get a $0.50 spending money if you want to try the website out.


casegod net fees commissions house edgeThe case prices here are outrageous for the contents that you would get in them. Most of the drops are of the Field Tested quality which severely drops the price of the said skin. It is very unfair for the user to be spending a lot of money and get sub par items. To withdraw items here, you would need to put in $2.00 first.


cs go skins case opening siteThey do not have any special or unique features nor cases on this website. This is just a copy of other popular case opening platforms. They offer 16 cases in total but what is laughable is 12 of those have missing items. You cannot even open them. That means, there are only 4 crates that you can actually unbox.

You are able to create custom cases too where you can customize the item drops inside. Usually at other sites, when you create a custom box, you get a percentage of the money everytime it is opened. Over here you get nothing. They take everything, so I would not advise creating anything in here since it is a waste of your time.


casegod net pros cons


  • Affiliate Program


  • User count is too low
  • Fake giveaways in Twitter account
  • FAQ and Website are direct copies from other services
  • No special features
  • Most cases have missing items which cannot be opened
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