Top 10 Most Used Weapons by CS:GO Pro-players

The professional Counter Strike scene is constantly updating and so does its meta (most effective tactics available) including weapon updates that shuffle the popularity of a certain rifle, pistol or smg. In this article, we will cover the top 10 most used weapons used by CS:GO pro-players. Please be aware that this rating might change as Valve updates the game and chooses to either nerf or buff certain guns. Without further ado, here is the list.

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Number 1 – AK-47

The AK-47 is by far the most used gun in the entire game and has gained its popularity due to high accuracy, low cost, and its notorious deadly one taps. The AK-47 has always been the most popular rifle and is also the cheapest by far costing only $2700 compared to the M4-rifles that are priced at $3100 or the expensive AWP costing a whopping $4750. The price of the weapon is not only the reason for its popularity as it has the capability of killing people with a shot to the head, something its counterpart the CT-sided M4’s aren’t capable of. In pro games, you will often see the counter terrorists pick up an AK-47 instead of their own gun as the one taps combined with their high skill level is a dangerous mix.

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Number 2 – M4A4

The M4A4 is one of the two main rifles available to the counter terrorists and is one of the most popular guns in the game. There has always been a debate as to whether you should be playing with the non-silenced or silenced version. In recent months, the M4A4 has grown a lot in popularity out scaling its silenced sibling by far. The reason for the upswing in demand is mainly caused by the major nerfs to the M4A1-S that forced players to stick to the non-silenced version. The fact that the M4A4 has 30 bullets, 10 more than the M4A1-S rifle, also has a great impact on the popularity swift as these 10 bullets often mean life or death in certain situations.

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Number 3 – AWP

The AWP is one of the most expensive guns in the game with its $4750 price and is a very popular weapon. In professional play, a team usually has only 1 or 2 of this gun per round as it is a risky choice due to its high price and very bad at retaking sites while making it perfect for holding angles and bombsites. It has a very different playstyle than the M4 and AK-47 and you will see certain pro players dedicated to the AWP as they will focus on nothing but getting this rifle often saving more cash than their teammates to be able to afford it.

It is a very impactful gun and one shots people from the torso and above while dealing significant damage when hitting a leg. It was once one of the most broken things in the game as the accuracy while moving and no-scoping meant that in almost every match it would be the dedicated AWP player on top of the scoreboard. It got a huge nerf a few years ago meaning the downfall of legendary players like KennyS but has still remained one of the top tier rifles as it really can win an entire game for you.

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Number 4 – M4A1-S

Despite being defeated by its more popular brother, the M4A1-S is still a great weapon and many CS:GO pro players still to this day prefers this one over the other. One of the advantages that comes with the rifle is the silencer that is better used in professional play than matchmaking. As you might not know when playing with a silenced weapon like the USP-S or M4A1-S the enemies will not be able to see you on the map when you shoot. This is a great tactical advantage and is one of the reasons it is still so popular.

Looking a bit more into the statistics you will find out that while the M4A4 has 30 bullets in one magazine and a total of 90 bullets, the silencer has only 20 bullets per magazine and a total of 40 which means you will often be in need of bullets unless you know how to play with it. Its downfall began with the recent nerf and the post statistics for the Krakow Major shows that only 5 percent of the total M4 kills was executed by a M4A1-S rifle showing that it has decreased a lot in popularity lately.

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Number 5 – USP-S

The USP-S is the most popular pistol and only the second weapon in the game to have the suppressor attached. You will often see the USP-S come on top of a pistol round and terrorists swapping out their Glock-18 for a USP-S if they find one laying around. The reason for the USP-S to be so superior to the Glock-18 is because of its potential headshot kills at far range against enemies with no helmet. Since both kevlar and helmet are not affordable in the first round of the game plus the great aim of a professional counter strike player, many one taps will be seen in the first round of the half.

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Number 6 – Glock 18

The Glock-18 is the terrorist’s counterpart to the USP-S and is the starting pistol on the T-side of the map. It is not as good versus the USP-S at long range but in close range combats it often comes out on top as it is also capable of one tapping enemies at very close distances as well as having more rounds in a clip compared to the counter-terrorist’s pistols.

Because of these disadvantages, you will often see professional teams rushing a bombsite to get up close and personal with the enemies as this is where they thrive. The Glock-18 has two modes, semi-automatic, and burst. The burst is rarely ever seen and simply fires out 3 bullets when clicking once at the costs of accuracy and high recoil. Only rarely do pro players use this feature and even rarer is it to see in usual matchmaking.

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Number 7 – UMP-45

The UMP-45 is a popular SMG caused by its high armor penetration, high kill reward, low cost and accuracy while moving. It has been a part of the meta for a long time and you will often see it versus weak force buys as it thrives against pistols spraying down loads of enemies while rewarding you with high kill bonuses.

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Number 8 – P250

The P250 is the cheapest non-starting pistol costing only $300 and is a popular eco choice as it has high damage to the head and great mobility. AWP players will often pick it up as their secondary weapon while sniping as it is a great close combat pistol and can save the life of an AWP player when enemies get too close.

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Number 9 – Famas

The Famas is a tier 2 counter-terrorists rifle and has two modes just like the Glock-18, burst and automatic. The burst is 3 bullets shot at a fast pace at the price of high recoil and the automatic mode is mostly preferred amongst pro players. The Famas is only bought as a force buy a weapon, meaning in situations where you cannot afford either the AWP or a M4.

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Number 10 – Tec-9

When first introduced to the game, the Tec-9 was like a semi-automatic rifle and extremely overpowered. It since has been nerfed multiple times to this date but has remained one of the most popular pistols. It is often used as a forcebuy weapon in 2 scenarios, either after losing the pistol round or if pro-players cannot afford the AK-47 they often buy the Tec-9 in order to take the AK in the next round while still having a chance to win the current one.

There is also another strategy within the pro scene called the “Superman”, it requires at least 2 players on the terrorist side. The first person buys armor while the other player drops him a tec-9 and you now have one of the strongest pistols on a guy with armor in the first round. This strategy is often very successful as the Tec-9 has insane RPM (Rounds per minute) and high damage.

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