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Top 10 CS:GO Facts You Don’t Know (But Probably I’m Wrong)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive isn’t just your average Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter game. I mean, it’s just full of neat stuff and feats that makes it a reference in the genre, even above the likes of also popular Call of Duty or Battlefield (hope my comment doesn’t trigger a (f)lame war).

Since its initial steps, Valve’s former mod of Half-Life has managed to build up a massive supporting community that keeps holding its hand like a loyal, loving boyfriend, no matter how ugly the change in its look and behavior has been from time to time (I’m looking at you, Condition Zero).

If there’s something real gamers love about games is knowing everything about them. Most of us will rush to our favorite title’s fan-made wiki page and virtually read all it has to offer, like its creation, developing, sequels, plot, characters, soundtrack, reception, and of course, its trivia: fun, weird and interesting facts regarding any of the aforementioned subjects or even the game as a whole.

In case there’s not enough information, or there’s no wiki at all, or you just want to confirm what you’ve read, chances are, you’re going to look at various (insert-game-title-here) websites or watch a couple of Youtube videos talking on the matter. But, why this behavior?

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Probably it has to do with Easter eggs, but not those colorful, full of chocolate ones your mom or aunt hide in your backyard. I’m talking about hidden content or secret features developers usually put in the game, whether intentionally or by accident, as an internal joke or an extra piece of information to complement the plot, etc.

There are many reasons to do so, but what matters is that they did it and we love it because it usually represents a fun challenge to find them. And fortunately, CS:GO is no exception.

In this article, we’re going to have a look at ten interesting facts about CS:GO that motivates this webpage. Please bear in mind that this is not arranged in a particular order, so no ranking system for those thinking that the one labeled as “first” is the most interesting of all.

Also, there’s the possibility you may already know some (if not all) of them, hence the sarcastic title. Without further ado, let’s lock & load and take a look at ten fun, weird and interesting facts about CS:GO.

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10. Lord of the chickens

Chickens are a recurring gag in video games. You may know them better from the Zelda franchise, where they became (in)famous for taking revenge against the fairy boy once you pissed one of them off enough, calling for all the gang and cackle you “NOT SO TOUGH NOW, HUH? COME AT ME, BRO! COME F*CKING AT ME!!” (Translation by yours truly).

In previous installments of the Counter Strike franchise, they are just standing still, minding their own business, but you can kill them with no consequence at all. Any kind of attack will result in them disappearing with a squawk and some feathers falling to the ground.

But in CS:GO, not only they can move freely but also be tamed to follow you wherever you go. Simply press the Use key near one of them and it will immediately tail you like a stray puppy. Or chicken’s cub. Or whatever.


9. Molotov > Incendiary grenade

If you’re playing as a bad guy, then you’ll be able to buy Molotov. As a good guy, incendiary grenades. Both of them work equally in terms of damage and price, right? WRONG!

For some weird, unexplained reason, the evil version of the firebomb not only is $200 cheaper than the good one but also makes more damage. This gives team terrorists some advantage over their opponents, even though in real life, a Molotov shouldn’t be more powerful than an incendiary grenade. Guess they’re preparing it with white phosphorus or something…

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8. Where on earth is my shadow?

If you pay attention to everyone’s character when playing, you’ll notice all of them have their respective shadows following their model to wherever they go. You could assume your character has a shadow of itself too, right? Well, that’s a matter of perspective.

If you try to look at your feet and do a 360° turn, you’ll notice the absence of your character’s shadow. This fact can lead you to believe that you could be a ghost, a phantom, a paranormal entity or something similar, as the common conception is that such beings cannot reflect light, thus are unable to produce a shadow. Unfortunately, the real reason is simpler than my way more awesome theory: The Point-Of-View Cam is not rendering the shadow, for it lacks this feature in its programming.


7. Annoying pop-up hints actually can be helpful

I hate them. You hate them. We ALL HATE them. These pop-up hints are one of the most annoying things in the game, endlessly reminding you how to do stuff like if you were a dumb, good-for-nothing loser. But they can actually redeem themselves by turning into a cool, bomb-seeker radar.

Yes, my friend! If you’re in a situation where the bomb has been planted and you can’t find it, simply turn on the game instructor and let it find it for you. You can even bind the toggle to a key, so you can enable and disable as you see fit. Not so useless after all, huh?



You know what’s better than having to play CS:GO in plain, regular English? PLAYING CS:GO IN PIRATE-AWESOME ENGLISH!!

Simply go to the language option and change it to Pirate English. Now you can be a cool, Blackbeard-like terrorist, or a corsair-like counter-terrorist.

csgo pirate sounds mod

5. Need some cash? Go to your nearest ATM

If you’re playing in the Overpass map, you can go to any of the ATM installed there and withdraw some bucks. Just introduce your debit card, enter your password, select the amount to withdraw and cash out.

Wait, not working that way? Then simply KICK THE SH*T OUT OF IT! Shoot that little electronic bastard and watch the paper flying out of it. You can buy me a beer later 😉


4. No need to open the door to throw a grenade

It looks like grenades have a “special” feature it can be activated when meeting some requirements. And by special, I mean “bad coding” (I don’t think it’s an Easter egg or something).

As the subtitle suggests, you can throw a grenade through a door that is closed. How do you do this? Well, you’re gonna need to have a buddy stand in front of a said door, aim to his shoulder, and toss the explosive item, then it will bounce and magically get pass the supposedly solid object. Weird, but useful.


3. Armor will protect you… Unless you’re falling

This is a very curious fact we have here. If you’re in the middle of a fall and quickly buy some armor before landing on the ground, you’ll see it won’t apply. You’ll take full damage anyways and you will not get any refund if thinking on complaining.

In all seriousness, though, it’s kinda weird that devs overlooked this fact, and even weirder that once you buy it, it won’t work under this specific circumstance. Guess you’ll have to take a look at the armor’s instruction booklet next time.

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2. Throw your empty magazines into the trash can, please

There’s another useful fact. When you or someone is reloading, he/she/you will leave the empty magazine on the ground, and it will stay there for around 15 seconds before disappearing (still thinking on the phantom theory…)

If it wasn’t you, then this could mean that an enemy is somewhere near the magazine, and you can be more prepared to engage. On the contrary, you could be giving away your position if you’re reloading then hiding somewhere near. That’s why you should keep them until is game over and you can get to the nearest trashcan to toss them away (I’m kidding… just in case).


1. The AWP used to be ridiculously OP…then it took an arrow in the knee

The AWP is probably the most used sniper rifle in the whole franchise, and there’s a good reason for that: is STUPIDLY OVER-POWERED! Even with all the nerfing it has suffered throughout the countless updates and across all the installments, it’s still one hell of a weapon that can instantly kill you with one shot, at full heal.

Of course, this is assuming you get the bullet in the head, but did you know that, back in the first version of Counter Strike (1.0), the AWP was so powerful it would instakill you, no matter where you’d get shot? Like the bullet could just barely hit you in the nail of your index finger and you would die nonetheless. That was one hell of a gun, indeed.

And that’s it! If you liked our picks for this top ten, please share it with your friends by clicking the buttons below. See you next time!

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