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Is There a Way to Get CS:GO Skins for Free?

Nowadays the CSGO skin scene is almost as popular as the game itself and there are plenty of stuff to do with these items. Trading, betting, gambling or just playing with these shiny covers to your weapons – there are many options. Today they work almost like an online currency with many sites paying real cash for your valuable pixels and therefore it is always nice to get some free CSGO skins yourself.

In this article, we will go through the many ways to earn some free in-game items. Please keep in mind that skins do have a real value and you should not go into this thinking that you are going to get yourself an AWP Dragon Lore. With that in mind let’s start with the first way to earn CSGO stuff.

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Many sites, especially gambling services, offer daily faucets with the only requirement being their name in your Steam nickname. They are basically paying you a few cents per day for promoting their platform. The reward from these faucets vary dramatically and while some pay up to 25 cents or above many will only pay 1 to 5 cents on average.

Case opening services are usually the ones paying out the less while pure gambling platforms often pay a set amount each day. If you are already playing on some of these websites a good idea would be to check up on that specific faucet system. Gambling services often reward active users with much higher payments and it is possible to get up to $2.5 per day, however, this requires thousands of dollars wagered.

One site, in particular, I recommend you to stay away from is that certainly is scamming their users. Once it was the most popular faucets website and I myself earned around $20 but the thing is they will not allow you to withdraw because of multiple stupid excuses. Always remember to google a platform before using it, that will help you a lot in the long run.

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Watching ads and doing surveys

There is plenty of programs allowing you to watch ads and do surveys to earn some free CSGO skins on your own. The payout is not huge but there is certainly a potential to earn a few bucks a day depending on the time you put into it. Watching ads or downloading apps are usually the ones rewarding you the least while surveys or paid products can pay out bigtime.

The average reward for a completed survey stays around $0.5 to $2 while free products can be anywhere from $5 to $20. The payout is so big for this category since you often sign up with a valid credit card when getting these free products and the sellers hope you will forget to cancel any subscriptions and thereby keep on buying their product.

The selection of available ads highly differs from country to country. In Denmark for an example, this is not a very viable way to earn skins but in the States or UK the selection is much bigger and prizes too. A VPN is highly recommended and for those of you who do not know what this is, it basically changes your IP to an IP-address from another country, USA or UK for an example. The most popular and legit sites for this category are and

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Deposit bonuses

This way requires a decent bankroll and you will need some skins to get started. Basically, there are plenty of sites giving deposit bonuses up to 100 % for your first deposit. These bonuses often have certain rules like wagering a certain amount of the free cash within a set time before you will be able to withdraw.

It is very important to read the rules before depositing as some sites may have crazy requirements for withdrawing the bonus but it is worth a try. Fanobet and are some of the match betting platforms with such rewards.


Playing the game

If you are a very competitive counter strike player you might want to try out this way of income. It is possible to earn skins simply by winning 1v1’s and playing on private servers. Being AFK on a server obviously will not earn you much but playing one to ones for items is a serious way to win some free CS:GO skins if you have great skills.



Affiliates and referral programs

This has by far the most potential and there are people using this as their living. The income from having a ton of referrals can easily make you up towards $1000 a day. To make money from affiliates you will need a lot of followers on any given social media or online forums like Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Twitch. This is obviously the tough thing to achieve but if you manage to gain just a few thousand subscribers on YouTube for an example you can start to make some bankroll.

When hitting 5000 followers certain skin betting sites often will pay you for promoting their platform and this is where the money is made. Sponsorships can be very rewarding and it is commonly known the big stars like MoeTV, Anomaly and McSkillet have been offered sponsorship deals above $100.000 and earning skins from their affiliates programs as well.

While sponsorships are for internet celebrities only, everyone can create their own promo code. Often you will be paid from 1 to 10 cents per referral plus a percentage of their deposits or bets. Being the first person to discover a new up’n’coming popular gambling platform can be very valuable as you can claim promo codes like “freecoins”, “freemoney or “code” and this can earn some serious cash too.

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Earning free skins is indeed possible but remember in game items have a real world value too and people are not just going to give them to you for free like that. If something sounds too good to be true, it isn’t – especially not on the internet.

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