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How to Get Cash for CS:GO Skins Instantly?

CSGO skin is a highly sought internet currency nowadays and each one has its own value. It may increase and decrease over time depending on changes in the game or other factors just like a stock does in the real world but it is indeed a very risky investment. The future of skins is very uncertain and prices for the entire market have taken some big shots after the disclose of major gambling services and that has forced many people to sell their valuable pixels for the real cash.

In this article, we will inform you on how to sell your skins instantly, where to sell them and what to look out for when trading your pixels as there are many impersonators and scammers on the web.

cs go skins trading site

Private person deals

Selling parts of your inventory to a private person is by far the riskiest of all the methods but can give you a better value rate. When trading items to private persons, usually they will pay you around 65 to 85 cents per dollar worth of counter strike value. These rates are very likely to change from buyer to buyer and varies depending on the rarity of your item. Usually, high tier ones and keys can be sold for a better rate than smaller ones.

When selling to a private person you need to check their history, see if there are any flaws at all. Big buyers will often have pages with 100’s of approvals from other people to verify their status as legitimate buyers. Always be careful when dealing with these guys as the number of scammers highly outnumber the legit ones. Try to never go first when trading your items, let them pay you before you send the offer. Some of the most common scams are the following:

Middleman scam

The person claims one of your friends will act as a middleman to ensure no one will be scammed, however, they will quickly make a fake profile identical to your friends steam profile and keep all your belongings. This scam is easily recognized and a bit of reasonable thinking should get you a long way.

Fake PayPal payment

It is a very common scam. Basically, the scammer sends you a request for money but make it so it looks like a payment. The easiest way to find out if someone is trying to pull the fraud on you, simply check the information given by PayPal. They will send you a message alongside the request for money trying to convince you otherwise. Just ignore any messages given by the sender and focus on information given by PayPal, then you should be good.

The best place to find reasonable and good buyers for your skins to get cash instantly is Reddit. Many SubReddits are dedicated to these kinds of topics and many of these guys use a lot of their time creating their own stores. You will often find entire shops purely based off Reddit and the owners of those are normally the best ones to sell your skins to.

cs go money skins site

Services dedicated to instant payments

There are a number of platforms offering to pay for your goodies with a maximum waiting time of 5 minutes from the trade offer being accepted to the money arriving in your PayPal bank account. We have covered a few of those including csgo.cash (check the legit review) in which we proved their legitimacy.

Pretty often the fees are much higher and the rate is much lower than more popular choices like OPSkins(review) and Bitskins(review). This is because you pay an extra few percentages for getting the money instantly as it requires more action from their side.

If you are in a rush for a few dollars these sites are great but I would not advice huge sellouts or selling entire inventories as it simply will not pay off. With great sums of money, the bad rates as a product of fast service are not worth it and I will highly endorse you to use more commercial services.

cs go opskins legit skins

The big commercial websites

Mainly OPSkins and Bitskin but also G2A and Gameflip. These sites are huge million-dollar companies and know their stuff. You will most likely find the best rates here as they can afford to give you better payment for your skins with such a huge marketplace. I would not recommend G2A and Gameflip as these are not dedicated to skin selling and they are not as regulated as the others. OPSkins and Bitskins I have nothing to rant about, they are fast, efficient and most importantly trustworthy. They are the biggest of them all and very well organized. You will have a great time dealing with these platforms and they each have their own perks.


It has the fastest payment. Paypal cashout withdraws are done each 5th minute so you should get your money within an hour max. This may depend on the traffic but usually should be less than 1 hour.


Is the first and the biggest actor on the market. They have the best deals and lowest fees of them all. If it is your first time selling skins or you are trading more than $100 worth of stuff, this platform will suit you the best.



CSGO skins is a serious online currency and you should trade your goodies as such. Many shady people out there would love to steal away your valuable pixels if they get a shot at and you should always think twice before doing something. There are entire companies dedicated to this lucrative market so use them! They take their fees but they are well worth it. Only experienced sellers should begin to deal with other private persons as this is by far the riskiest method of them all.

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