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Hellcase – Which Cases to Open for a Maximum Profit?

Today we will be looking at making the most out of money at one of the most well-known sites in the unboxing world of CS:GO. I will be talking about which cases to open at HellCase (check the latest review) to receive a maximum profit. I have tested this platform before and from that review, I can tell you 100% that this site is legitimate and will pay out your money. The only downside to them though is their slightly higher price for their crates, but even then if played right, you can still make earnings from them. This article will be based on my personal experiences and how I actually made money with unboxing skins. Without further ado, let us delve into the lucrative world of case openings on HellCase, and how to profit in there.

Making money on case opening is the same as any other form of gambling. It requires luck, time, research, and the most important factor, balance to play with. Once you have these in hand, you will need to decide if you want to do this short term or long term. With that being said, long term gains need careful planning of your assets to achieve maximum rewards. These are affected by three factors, money, research and luck.


Let’s start!

Now let’s look at the short term profits first, then I will explain how to gradually turn your short term plan to a sustainable long term plan. Usually, people would prefer to do this if they are just starting or have a little capital, to begin with. I have started out this way. If you get lucky here, you will earn revenue quickly. The best cases to open on Hellcase if you have a limited amount of money is the Mil Spec and the Restricted ones.

The Mil Spec costs very cheap at $0.30. It will usually reward you with skins that range from $0.03 to upwards of $5.00 – $7.00 if you get very lucky. The trick to this is to keep opening boxes since they are fairly cheap, but you would always want to pray to RNGesus to give you something more than $0.30. Once you have an item that has that amount, you are already making earnings.

For the Restricted boxes, they are fairly priced at $1.50. Open enough of these and they will turn into a considerable profit. This box does have 40% of the items that will guarantee you to make a little bit of revenue depending on the condition. If you plan on opening lots of these though, you would need to have a considerable amount of capital first since they are much more expensive than the Mil Spec boxes, but they would net you more earnings than the previous crates. With that said, it also involves a little more risk.

What’s next?

Now, you have opened boxes from both Mil Spec and Restricted, and you have a lot of skins that cost way less than the price of the crates themselves. Do not fret. What you can actually do is keep them and trade them up for items that have a rarity above. HellCase has a feature called Contract that lets you trade in 10 skins for one with a higher price. For example, you have 10 weapons that cost $0.20 each. What you can do is put these 10 in a contract, and you can choose an item that is $2.00 or less. Keep doing trade ups until you get the skin that you want to withdraw or sell back if you want to have more money for playing around.

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One more step

Now, there is another way to make a profit at HellCase but this requires a lot of luck and lot of money. You will still be doing the steps above if you want to turn this into a long term plan, but you would need serious dedication and very deep pockets for this to become even possible. This is a very high risk and high reward type of process and should only be regarded as a very short term plan since the cases are fairly expensive.

They offer a lot of mid range and expensive crates like the various knife and the weapon ones. The price range of these ranges from $5.00 for the weapon boxes to $105.00 for the knife crates. There are also combo kits which offer multiple items that are priced somewhere between $15.00 to $50.00 but those offer a low yield of return. To earn you the most profit for this short term method though, you would need to be opening the Diamond cases.

Diamond boxes are the most expensive on HellCase, and they cost at $200.00, but they also net you the highest rewards for the drops. These items include the well-known AWP Dragon Lore and the very rare M4A4 Howl which costs over than $1000.00, depending on the quality. It also includes the AK 47 Fire Serpent, AWP Medusa, Karambit Case Hardened and Karambit Marble Fade which is priced between $400.00 – $900.00 depending on the condition.

If you are very lucky and you get to score these items while opening boxes, you instantly double or triple your investment. Of course, there are things that cost less than the case price, but if you have enough of those items and you do not want them, you can always trade them up using the Contract method of HellCase



All in all, making profits on unboxing skins is a lucrative prospect. It can be very enjoyable, rewarding at the same time if you are lucky and it can be very frustrating if Lady Luck decides to take a day off. There is one thing constant in any business if you want to make money though, and that is dedication. If you are set to make it a really rewarding process, start out small with the Mil Spec and Restricted cases and work your way up. You will learn a lot by taking the hard road and your assets last longer since you will take lesser risks than going for the expensive ones immediately.

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