CS:GO Giveaways – How to Participate and Win Real Skins?

We all want new shiny skins so that we have the nice aesthetics on our guns whenever we play Counter Strike. Or sometimes we want those expensive items so that we can make a profit out of it whenever we trade. Of course, most of them can be attained by being lucky when unboxing cases in CS:GO or winning them through a roll in one of the many legitimate roulette sites.

What if I told you that you can get your hands on these awesome looking skins for free? Would you believe me? Well yes, this is possible! Most online gambling sites and also big name streamers and YouTubers actually offer them as prizes in CS:GO giveaways so that they can attract users to their own respective platforms or channels. Here are some of the ways you can attain these items for free by joining raffles that they offer.

On-site Giveaways

As what it says, these are offered by most, if not all of the gambling sites that exist on the market right now. Joining them is fairly easy as it requires little effort from you to be eligible to win in these promos. You would usually need to follow a plethora of their social media accounts to earn points or tickets for the raffle at the end of the week. On some instances, they would offer a daily task to visit a specific site for you to earn more points daily. Of course, this is still luck of the draw for you to win, but the surest fire way to for you to get your hands easier on these items is to choose a site that has fewer users than usual one which increases your chances to get drawn for the prize.


Quest Rewards

Some of the sites offer quest rewards and these are usually catered towards the more loyal supporters of that said place. This requires more effort, but this is a more sure fire way to earn CS:GO skins for free without any competition as these ones would be only given out to people who manage to complete the tasks they set for that particular week. The rewards also tend to be cheaper compared to the lottery ones but here, you are guaranteed to earn a prize the moment you complete the tasks. Some tasks involve getting a specific number of users to sign up with your code, some involve opening a specific number of cases or hitting a specific amount of bets.



This type of CS:GO giveaway has fewer tasks to do but it also comes in a lottery format. Professionals, streamers and big name gambling sites usually use this offer to get more followers for their respective profiles. The only task you would usually need to do for this to be eligible for the draw is to Follow, Like and Retweet a specific tweet. The only drawback to this is since it is so easy to do, you would face a lot more competition as there would be a lot more people who would be able to get these tasks easily done. The prizes for this type of promo are usually on the expensive side, with skins ranging from $50 all the way to the upwards of $2,000.



This type of promo is used in a different social media platform, Facebook. And like any other promos ran on other social media accounts, you would need to Like, Follow and Share the page and also the promotional post that they offer. This one is also harder to win since there would be a lot of competition since it is also easy to participate but they do offer big and expensive rewards like in the Twitter campaign. There is another thing you can do with Facebook though. You can also get rewarded by writing reviews for their respective pages and it is usually employed by trading and gambling sites. The prizes for the review campaign though are on the cheaper side as it can be easily completed as well.



This one is more straight forward, and also a much more fun way to receive prizes. It is also easier than most other CS:GO giveaways as you just need to like and subscribe for the channel to be eligible. Some YouTubers do offer additional tasks that will be stated in the video like posting something on the comments or getting the like counts to a specific amount. This is used by most YouTubers to get their subscriber and viewer counts to go up and they do offer some pretty nice rewards too. It is also a lottery and you would have a smaller chance to win since a lot of people would have access to these promos as well.



This type of giveaway is usually offered to the hardcore loyal fans of the said streamer. In order to participate, you would need to be watching the streamer live and he would usually give out a task for the people to become eligible. Aside from that, you would need to be a Sub to the channel which is priced at $4.99 a month. There is less competition here as not all viewers become Subs to the streamer, but that is not the case on the more famous personalities or the pros who would have subs on the upwards of over 2000.

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Those are the most common offers that are available for you to be able to win some sick CS:GO skins for free. What you can actually do is join and combine most of these promos to have a higher chance of winning through the lottery. It is a good way to support your favorite player or site by spreading the word around and introducing new people to them. Trust me, I have actually won some of the skins from the different place all in one week by utilizing the most of the offers that are given out to you. So go out there and start joining these awesome raffles! Good luck!

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