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CS:GO Gambling Sites: No Deposit Bonus Guide

Gambling in CS:GO can be quite addictive. In fact, gambling anywhere can be too addictive. There’s something about this type of entertainment that gets people rolling the dice over and over and over again, even if they’re hitting hard a losing streak, therefore losing hard their money. It could be the game structure, or the excitement of getting a lucky kick that throws some winning rounds at you, earning some sweet bucks.

Or maybe is the fact that gambling sites usually welcome you by punching you with a sign-up bonus to get you hooked on the first time, like: “Hey, c’mere buddy, take this real, free money (sorry for your new bump) and have a taste of our games. Who knows? Maybe you can earn some profit *wink* *wink*”

By the way, when I say gambling in CS:GO, I mean in those skin upgrade sites you may or may not know by now. Just wanted to leave this clear.

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Now, these nice-to-meet-you bonuses can be delivered in two ways: the usual, where you have to pour some money on the site before actually taking advantage of that promised bonus or the one they just snipe at you with nothing more than the mere desire of having you enjoying your time when signing up. These are called “No Deposit Bonuses”.

These are the most popular type of giveaway in online casinos and betting sites, as they’re very effective in attracting new customers – and it’s not that hard to figure out why. Who doesn’t love to play for free in a paid game? By paid game, I mean paying for the right of betting in any of those options.

That said, it is not surprising to see a significant amount of CS:GO gambling sites offering this particular one to any curious passing by. In fact, it may have happened (and keeps happening) to you, that in some of those google ads you should be already accustomed to see wherever you go, there is this skin upgrade webpage that introduces itself with some keywords, and the No Deposit Bonus flashing all along. Just like that, there are quite a lot of similar ones out there.

So, hey legit ninja” you may ask, “could you stop blabbering about and teach us already what we need to know about this supposed free cash?

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Well, the first thing you need to know about is that some of those websites don’t actually offer real money with such bonuses. This is important to know, as in the moment of withdrawal, that money will not count. This is called a non-cashable bonus. “What the F*ck do you mean, Ninja?

Ok, let’s assume that one website offers you the possibility to start betting on a team in a current match for free with, say, $100 bucks. You sign up, claim this bonus and put it on (fictional) Team Ninja. They win, and you earn +$50, so in your account, you now have $150. If you were to withdraw these funds, you may find that you can only get those 50 bucks you’ve just earned, and the bonus is locked away. Sucks, right?

This is done so you get hooked on the game, without the site losing a single penny. You gambled, you liked it, and you want “moar”. So now you have to deposit back and keep playing. Clever.

The second thing you have to know about no deposit bonuses on this side of the gambling world is the way these bonuses are represented. Like in the previous example, they can be real (or fake) money, tokens, credits, cases, free upgrades for your weapon skin, and more. This depends entirely on the gambling site, so you better check out the options we have already tested for you.

And finally, you have to check the way you can redeem such bonuses. Some services have a C4 loaded with the free bonus just hidden behind the door to sign up, and ready to “ka-boom”. Once you have submitted all required data and created your username and password, you should see in your balance the free cash.

Some others will also require you to enter a referral code to unlock the welcome gift. These codes can be found from other users and related websites. Lastly, you can be that user or website spreading your ref code so others enter it upon registration. This way, you earn some profit you can use to keep on betting.

And that’s it! If you find this useful, please share it with your friends by clicking the buttons below. See you next time!

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