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CS:GO Aim Training: AWP, Pistols, Riffles

One shot, one kill, no luck, all skill”. Whoever came up with such magnificent catchphrase really knew his/her stuff. Having a good aiming in CS:GO is just as vital as having a good gun, good reflexes and awareness of your surroundings – you won’t want to be amid of a shooting and spraying like if you were having a seizure… With no results whatsoever.

The beauty of those deathmatches where both teams have members with aimbot-like abilities is that they didn’t buy them or get them out of that Frosties cereal box (you may be eating while reading this) and suddenly became all Jerry Miculek. But rather have been honing their skills day in and day out, working their reflexes and testing every keyboard and mouse combination they can in order to better suit their needs. They take their roles seriously.

While I’m completely oblivious to whether or not Miculek can translate his fantawesome firing speed and aiming dexterity to a video game like CS:GO, it is quite evident that some of the best pro players have a similar performance in this game than that of “The Greatest Shooter of all Time”. You can see some of them walking through a corridor and when about to turn in that corner, immediately put a pretty bullet in the poor unfortunate soul that happened to be around that same spot. Or sometimes, they just ran out of bullets and before you can say “bitches love cannons”, they have already switched to another gun (usually a pistol) and “blow your mind away”, literally speaking.

Now it’s possible that you’ve become a little bit frightened by what I’ve just said, or have a “Meh” approach to this and/or asking yourselves: So, how do I sharpen my sight and do that “One shot, one kill” thing? Well my friend, today at csgolegit.ninja, we’re going to give you some CS:GO aiming tips and advice you can take to the testing field in order to gain eagle-like vision. And, with some help, go brag about how where you put the eye, you put the bullet (believe me, it’s so satisfying when you claim such thing and actually hold true to the said statement).

Practice makes perfect

Before we start with the tips, please bear in mind that there are no quick paths and shortcuts to become a pro CS:GO shooter. Training with patience and discipline is what it’s going to make you a better player, so don’t pull off your hair if you see no results in your first week of practice. Just keep practicing and practicing, and you’ll see how your skills become more and more polished. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to bestow upon that little bastard who’s been bullying you at every corner the sweet revenge you’ve been longing for.

That said the emphasis of your aim training must be headshots. No need to say that the head is the most vulnerable part of a character, as well as the most difficult to hit, hence is the focus of every pro player. Although it’s not essential for becoming a master of kills, usually those who hone their accuracy towards the skull are the best in the long-term.

How do they do this? Well, normally they have to dominate certain aspects of the game like gun recoil (which is unique for every weapon), strafe shooting, map awareness, unconscious aiming or flicking, and the three type of shooting, which are tapping, bursting and spraying.

If you think that’s a lot of things to keep in mind when playing, well… I can tell you; these are only a few ones of a much longer list. But for the sake of this article, let’s bear with those aspects for now.

In order to have a clue of what I’ve just mentioned, let’s have a look at their respective definitions:


The act of firing single shots while standing still.


It is when you fire two to three shots with a short pull of the trigger.


Holding the firing button to keep shooting a wide array of bullets in automatic weapons like assault rifles.

Gun recoil

Is the backward reaction of a weapon when shooting for a prolonged time.

Strafe shooting

Firing a gun while moving left or right without losing sight of your target.

Map awareness

Having full knowledge of your surroundings, as well as usual spots and preferred place for enemies to appear.

Unconscious aiming or flicking

The act of targeting and shooting an enemy just by muscle memory and reflexes.

Now that you know what they all mean, let’s move forward.

cs go tips guides 2018 how to aim

First, we’re going to talk about tapping. When you are tapping, you are basically moving, stopping, shooting and repeating this cycle. Why doing this? Because if you stay still and miss the shot, you become an easy target. When practicing this, you’ll inevitably find yourself strafing left or right, for this is the best combination of movement with firing. This is a technique that offers better results when used mid to long range and, especially, with one-handed guns like pistols.

Second, is bursting. This is like tapping when it comes to the method of execution but extending the firing to two or three shots. While it certainly increases your chance to take down an enemy in a single shooting round, it also factors in one of the common issues the following technique has: spray pattern. This is because of the gun recoil that makes your weapon move as it fires rapidly, but there’s a way to offset it (more on this later).

As with the first technique, you’ll be stuck to strafe while shooting – which is good, for the same reason I’ve just explained – The only new thing you need to control here is the recoil.

Next, we have the spraying. This is a term most newbies are familiar with. Mostly because of some player who will occasionally complain about you holding the trigger pushed and how noob you are because of that (such complaint will come after 2 or 3 lucky kills you earn while doing this). However, the real spraying can be more complex than just casting a rain of bullets aimlessly upon your enemies.

You see, when spraying, you fire a controlled, rapid succession of shots to the body of your target. Probably you’ll ask: but why the body and not the head? And how can you control it? Well, it has to do with the spray pattern I’ve just mentioned. Every gun has its own fixed pattern, and the only way to overcome it is to aim in the opposite direction. How do you do that? By learning and mastering the spray pattern of your gun. You can do this by shooting at a wall until your current magazine is out of bullets, watching the dots in the wall and observing where is your gun moving to and when. Once memorized, try to move your mouse in the opposite direction while shooting.

But even if you manage to control it, is really hard to efficiently headshot someone with this technique, wasting your bullets in what it certainly will be a failed attempt, so you’ll prefer to aim at the body of your target, which offers you a broader hitbox area where to land almost every shot. This, of course, needs you to fire at medium to short range, for better results.

pro skills cs go 2018 aim

You can choose one of these three CS:GO aim techniques to be proficient with or all of them. Obviously, I would recommend the latter so you can be a more versatile player, but don’t rush trying to master them in no time, or else you’ll accustom your hands to a poor accuracy level with all of them, because of the muscle memory.

Speaking of it, this is probably one of the best tools you have in order to become an expert sharpshooter. Unconscious aiming or flicking is the ability to aim towards an enemy without planning to do so consciously. This is done by training your reflexes and honing your muscle memory so you can target your enemy more naturally. Kinda like when you learn to drive a car. You don’t think of every step to take like: I’m gonna hit the gas, then I’ll turn left, then hit the brakes, and so. Instead, you do that naturally, only having to pay attention to your surroundings and where you’d like to go. A similar thing happens with flicking.

With the flick, you let your hand do the processing of moving the crosshair in front of the target quickly, allowing you to focus on other elements. But mastering it is one of the most difficult things to do, and it’ll probably require a lot of time, patience and discipline from you. Also, you need to train it to have it moving to the target the most precisely possible, because if for some reason it stops a little bit away from his hitbox, then you will have troubles shooting accurately. The best way to practice is by having two or three bots with a short distance between each of them and trying to headshot them or spraying at their bodies, switching between one bot and another as soon as you kill them.

cs go best tips 2018 aim training

There’s still a lot to cover in this subject, but I think this is enough for giving you a kickstart on your way to become a pro shooter. To call it a day, I’ll give you some pieces of advice when training your aim:

Be patience – if you become desperate and rush your way, chances are you’ll end up worse than before.

Slowly aim – speed is a key factor, we all know that. But when training, you might want to start doing your aim slowly, in order to get your hands accustomed to a more precise targeting. Eventually, you’ll become faster.

Dominate your surroundings – No one knows better your house than yourself. And this can be true to the maps in which you’re playing. When having a match, pay attention to the spots where enemies appear most frequently. Try to remember every usual camping place, and think ahead of them so you can anticipate where are they going to appear next.

Try to always aim at head level – even when spraying, it is best to keep your gun pointing at the head of your next victim. Remember, one shot, one kill…

Practice at least 20 minutes a day – Most probably is that you’ll be training at least one hour every day, but if not, then a 20 minutes session will do you well.

And that’s it! If you like this article then please share it with your friend by clicking the buttons below. See ya!

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