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Is Trade-Skins.com legit? Popular CS:GO Marketplace

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This is a website that allows you to buy and sell or exchange CS:GO in-game items with other users. According to easy Counter, Trade-Skins.com is a very popular service, with an Alexa ranking of 77,299. They have rated it with a 2.5 out of a possible 5 stars. The registrar is listed as GoDaddy and the site has been tracked by easy counter since September 2015.

It receives 13.8 thousand visitors daily and those visitors view a total of 15.2 thousand web pages every day. There is no Google or Yandex page ranking numbers and they have a small social media following, garnering a total of only 702 Facebook shares, with no data listed for any other social network.

Scam advisor gives Trade-Skins.com an 83% safe score. They take a hit since the platform is under 2 years of age and the owners have chosen to use a whois privacy service to hide some of their personal and business information. They, however, also rate it as a very popular website. It is served out of San Francisco, in the United States. Neither Scam Advisor nor easy counter has any user reviews posted on their pages.

Within the Steam member community forums, they have received all positive reviews when it comes to scam accusations; they simply have no allegations against them. The only negative mentions of the service are due to people complaining about the item costs, which is simply opinionated. The general consensus seems to think that Trade-Skins.com is a legit website, and that leads the general belief here, as well.

This is a platform that follows through on the promises it makes to its users and delivers upon the goods and services that are transacted through their website. Since they do not handle any of your items directly, nor do they even have a way for you to deposit skins or any type of money, there is really no way they can scam you. All Trades are done through Steam, protecting you from any kind of scam attempts.

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trade-skins com bonuses free money promocodeThey do not have any promotional codes that can be used on the website. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no e-commerce set-up here. All of the trading done is done through Steam itself, and therefore there is no way for the service to honor a discount of any type.

They do, however, allow you to append their URL to the end of your Steam profile name and that will garner you an additional 2% on all offers that you are given on goods you wish to Trade with them. So, you could ultimately make more on your skins by simply adding Trade-Skins.com to the end of your profile.


trade skins com fees commissions house edgeAs with the promo codes, there are no fees for utilizing the platform. This is because again, there is no e-commerce system set-up on the site. They are able to offer you a 2% bonus on each offer you are given for an item you wish to Trade, but there are no fees associated with the platform at all. They make their profit on the buying and selling of the skins themselves.

They obviously try to buy low and sell high on each and every item they have in their inventory. While this does tend to make their skins and weapons a bit more than some other platforms, it does allow you to transact with no hidden or surprise costs added on without you realizing it.


csgo sell buy items skinsTrade-Skins.com offers a very clean cut and crisp looking interface that is not only easy to understand but very simple to learn, even if you are a newbie to Steam market. They operate utilizing only the Pure Steam Trading system and never store any type of credits or coins or any other monetary instruments on their website at all. Any and all deals that you receive from them must be checked by you, in your Steam Trade offer area and then accepted by you in order for the deal to be approved. The items never leave your account until a Trade is agreed upon and completed.

There is no depositing or balance feature here. It is a straightforward, clean and easy to understand system that allows you to find the skins you are looking for and get them when you need them. Simply load you Steam profile into the trading window and click the items you would like to get rid of. This will trigger the bots to show you which skins are available for you to Trade on their side. Simply choose the ones you would like and then double check everything looks good.

Once you are satisfied with the highlighted items on your side that you will be getting rid of and also happy with the skins you will be receiving, which will be highlighted on the Trade-Skins.com side, click the Trade button and simply wait a minute. The offers will be sent directly to Steam and that’s where you will head to accept or decline them.


trade skins com pros consPros

  • Very simple to use and easy to understand
  • No Depositing of skins or money of any kind
  • Instant Trades, no waiting for your items
  • All transactions are conducted directly in Steam
  • Fast, easy and no-hassle way to Trade unwanted skins for ones you need


  • More common skins are hard to Trade away
  • Only CS:GO items are supported
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