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Is Skinsjar.com legit? Reputable CS:GO Skin Trading Service

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In my opinion, Skinsjar is one of the most reputable and trustworthy sites to use. There are absolutely none evidence or reports of fraud, scams or missing payments – everything seems very legit here. If that doesn’t prove their integrity in your opinion take a look at their sponsorships. They are currently sponsoring the very popular Counter-Strike YouTuber by the name of Trilluxe who is very well known within the community but their by far biggest sponsorship is with SK Gaming.

Yup, that’s right, they are sponsoring the arguably best Counter Strike team in the world which to me proves any hater wrong. I simply do not believe such a big eSports organization would risk their success as a professional team by doing business with some shady gambling platform. In case you got mislead by the title it is important to note that the company behind this service is the owner of the entire Jar-Brand including their pure case opening site Casejar.com, their market service which is quite similar to OPSkins(legit review) by the name of Jardeals.com and of course Skinsjar.com which is their trading platform.

Generally, all of their services have high scores on various scam alerts such as Scamadviser but trading websites in particular always have 100 % safety. The reason for this is the fact that any legit platform will give you a trade offer including your current and desired skin. This way there is no way for them to scam you since both your and their item are in the same deal.

If a website makes 2 separate offers, one including your item and the other including their skin this is when your alarms should be ringing. No one legit CS:GO trading service would do such things and you should never accept ANY trade offers including nothing but your own items. Besides a high safety Skinsjar have taken a few steps to ensure their users the best possible experience with their site. They have many cool features which I will later review more in depth. No one is going to be scammed here for sure!

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skinsjar com bonuses promocode free moneyYou can use our Skinsjar.com code or the official one “FREESKINS” to get yourself a nice bonus. The code will add 5 % extra to your first trade with the service. The maximum output from the bonus is $5 which means that the optimal deal needed to use the full potential of the bonus code is $100 in skins value.

The bonus only applies to your first offer with their bots, not the community trades and it is quite important to remember that it is only your first deal here. Scramble as many items together as possible before doing anything on the site if you want to get the most profit out of it.

skinsjar com bonus promo code free coins


skinsjar com fees commissions house edgeLike every other CS:GO skin trading service Skinsjar.com takes a few percentages of your offer and adds a few percentages to their counter offer consisting of the items of your choice. They have a list containing all the commissions for each category when using their bots. As stated here keys of your ownership are worth 99 % of their actual value when selling the, while they are worth 104 % of their original value in case you wish to buy keys using your skins.

Your knives are worth 95 % and their knives are being sold with their full 100 % price. Rare weapons which include certain high tier rifles mostly but also pistols and other stuff go for the same as knives. Weapons, in general, are worth 90 % when selling in and the ones you desire to own go for 95%.

The last category is “Misc” which is basically just all low tier trash items like the ones you get from in-game drops and such. Usually, there is a very low demand for those and therefore they are rated much lower than the other categories with a whopping 85 % and only 90 % when given by the site. These inequalities in pricing mean that if you sell 100 $ worth of keys as your first trade and buy random low valued items, your keys will be priced at 5 % above their usual value while you will be able to get $100 worth of lower tier skins for only 90 bucks. If you are looking to make some profit this might be worth a shot.


cs go skins trading botSkinsjar.com has a lot of great features and enables their users to follow many of their procedures in order to be as transparent as possible. One thing I like a lot is that their bots’ inventories are viewable and not private which many gambling platforms otherwise may have. This ensures you that the items shown online are actually in stock which is pretty nice to know.

They have been so nice to create videos for their users that guide them how to use everything online and I just think that is a great initiative. Online balance is given to every new user and this balance will assist you in trading your skins.

Basically, if you decide to sell your 28 $ Ak-47 | Vulcan (Field Tested) for a much less valued item such as an AWP | Boom (Minimal Wear) normally worth around just 19 bucks you won’t lose a single penny. The rest of the money will be added to your balance which then can be used to buy even more stuff. This feature is really cool and not something I have seen on many other sites.

The last and really awesome thing they have implemented is “Community Trades” it is basically like CSGOLounge back in the old days.

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