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Is legit? Bonus and Loyalty Program Review

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From the many reviews of the site, after checking Trustpilot and watching multiple videos on Youtube I can confirm that the service is legit. There are no signs what so ever of any fraud going on and they live up to their name. is quite a unique platform that allows a user to instantly sell his CS:GO skins for real money. The service promises their users payments within 5 minutes and I have only heard about very rare occasions where this promise was not kept. In these cases, it was always the user’s fault, including wrong PayPal address and more. has a very good and respective reputation, I have yet to find any evidence what so ever that there should just be the slightest scam going on. If anything goes wrong, which it shouldn’t, they do have a very good live support in the right bottom of the screen. They answer within 5 minutes and are always ready to help you out with whatever you might need help with.

What makes so unique is their fast payment system, other sites like OPSkins (legit review) often take days to get the payment through, Skinscash does it within 5 minutes and they are no doubt legit. It is really nice to see that service also actively warns their users against fake sites since this has been a problem, it shows that the owners care about their users and it is always nice to know that your CS:GO items are in good hands.

Is legit? Vote! bonus free money

Since is not a gambling site and therefore has no on-site currency or balance they do not offer freemoney through promo codes. What they do offer is their so-called loyalty program which awards frequent users, whenever users sell something to the site they can level up starting from “good fella” to “master of the universe”. Each tier representing the amount you have sold for and a special bonus comes with an each new tier.

“Good Fella” is the point from which everyone starts and therefore gives no bonuses, the next tier “Sentry Guard” gives you 1% bonus on every dollar sold – an example could be you sold your 100 dollar knife but instead you got 101 in real cash. This might not be a lot but with the highest tier comes the highest reward with a 10% extra on payments. On the long run, this bonus will run up quite a lot and for a frequent user it will very quickly add up massively.

To reach a new tier you don’t have to sell counter strike stuff only, you can also sell Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 items. One important thing to remember is do pay a little less of the stuff worth compared to the price on the Steam market since they are offering their users real money and not steam wallet funds. house edge do not have any house edge what so ever but as mentioned earlier they do pay a little less per dollar sold than the items is worth on the official market. This might not sound completely fair to you but it is very normal since this is real cash. If you were to sell your stuff on OPSkins you might actually get even less per dollar because not only because the items being sold way cheaper there, OPSkins also have a 10% tax. Here you have Skinscash paying a little less compared to the Valve market, BUT there are no additional fees and no crazy low prices.


legit trading csgo dota2 team fortress skins site

The most unique feature is by no doubt their instant payment system. I have never heard of anything like this what so ever. The first time I heard about it I was simply amazed, it is so unique and so much better than anything else I have seen. I have used OPSkins quite a lot myself and it simply takes so long to withdraw, sometimes 2 or 3 weeks to make a cashout. But here you simply get your money delivered to your PayPal balance within minutes.

The bonus system is another great feature here. Probably not many users will get the full potential of it since the highest tier requires 14000 dollars worth of skins sold, but even 5% or so, which is quite a possible goal for an active user, is almost enough for making a decent profit on the long run.


cs go dota2 team fortress legit skins trading

To round up this review I am just going to make a very simple list of all the pros and cons of the site. This is just to point out all the essentials of this article in case you missed out something


  • Insanely fast, instant payment system
  • Legit and with great reputation
  • Cool bonus system that awards frequent users
  • No fees
  • Great live support


  • Prices of the items lower than official ones

And that is pretty much it, I simply do not find any cons with the service except the lower prices.

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