is legit?

Is Kopazar legit? Turkish Platform to Buy and Sell Items

is kopazar com legit?

This is a very unique platform where you can buy and sell skins, keys, items from different games. You are able to buy the Steam games too. The main products they cater to is Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends and Knight Online. In a nutshell, Kopazar is the Turkish version of G2A, and their main clientele is the Turkish gamers.

The first thing I checked out is if they have social media accounts. I have uncovered Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Their Twitter has a very little following at 94 while their Facebook page has over 100k followers. I checked both accounts and they have the same exact content between the two platforms. My hunch is that Twitter might not be as famous as Facebook in Turkey, and that might be the reason why the difference is so huge given that their Twitter account was created in 2012.

After getting information about their social media accounts, I went on Google to find out about the reputation of Kopazar. I was surprised that I did not find any scam accusations, any reviews or anything. I did a little more digging on Google and their website, and my hard work paid off.

The reason why they do not have any complaints is because of multiple factors. First one is, they tend to solve it internally. They have a 24/7 Live Support right on their service where you are able to chat up with a representative. Their Facebook page also has a chat function where you can also contact their support. So that is a pretty good thing, resolve issues right away.

Second thing and the one I’m most impressed with is that they are part of a bigger company in Turkey. They have been an established brand as early as 2006 and they are a part of FORLIFE ONLINE Ltd, which is an electronic pin and games chain store with brick and mortar stores and which also pays taxes to the Turkish government. In other words, this company is as legit as you can ask for, complete with tax returns, business permits, everything! This might also explain the huge following in Facebook, since when you are in an internet cafe, you would most likely check your Facebook than Twitter or Instagram.

Another thing I might add is that even G2A sells Kopazar Cards, which is used to top up credits to your account. They have a global reach in the game market, and G2A would not accept or sell items like those if those are not legitimate.

One word of advice though, if you are heading out to their marketplace, make sure you are in since like big reputable companies, they are bound to have copycats who would want to cash in on their reputation.

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kopazar com bonuses promocode free skinsThey do not offer any promo codes since they are a game market that also offers to buy and sell skins. You can apply for a dealership for E-Pins and Games if you own an internet cafe.

They also run some promos from time to time giving out Steam gifts, but currently, they are not running one.


kopazar com fees commissions house edgeThey will take a 10% commission on all sales, regardless of what platform it is. It can be games, skins or currency. Your proceeds will then be deposited in your Kopazar account, which can then be withdrawn to your Paypal or be used to shop for other items on the marketplace.


csgo trading site skinsThey are a one stop shop for all your gaming needs. As I said earlier, you can buy and sell games, items, currency, skins, and e-pins here. The popular marketplace items that they have are from Knight Online, Counter Strike, Dota 2 and FIFA coins, but they also offer items for some other products like MU, Flyff, League of Legends and C9.

When you sell anything here, YOU are the one who sets the price for the said stuff. They will take a commission on that sale after the deal has been completed.

They also have an automated system, so the item gets delivered and received from your inventory at Kopazar which you could then transfer to your Steam account.

Aside from that, they also have streamer support where they make it easy for streamers to accept donations if they have subscribers who use Kopazar. Setting it up is as easy as a couple of clicks, then you just add the button code to your streaming profile like Twitch or YouTube.


kopazar com pros cons


  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Huge following on Facebook
  • Been in business since 2006
  • Huge selection of games and items at marketplace
  • Multiple ways of adding credits to account
  • Streamer support


  • Market is specialized for Turkish clientele
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