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Is GameFlip.com legit? Promo Codes For a Bunch of Bonuses!

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GameFlip.com is a huge marketplace that allows users to buy and sell video games, in-game items, and even consoles. Scam Advisor rates it as a website that can be trusted, with an 88% score. The 12% away from perfect is due to the fact that the service owners have opted to keep their personal info private using a Whois privacy service.

The platform is based out of Seattle, Washington in the United States and has an Alexa ranking of 39,431, which is a very high ranking and marks GameFlip.com as a very popular website. Their servers are super fast and the page load times are faster than can be really counted. The owners have listed their phone number and it is a Phoenix, Arizona phone number, which matches the address as being from Scottsdale, a suburb of Phoenix.

Rip Off Report has an entry stating that a particular use of GameFlip.com was scamming people for Pokemon items and did nothing to prevent this from happening, nor did they reimburse the people that were scammed. However, there were no direct complaints against them as being involved in scamming anyone.

Site Jabber also has complaints that specific users have been scamming people and one complaint says that GameFlip.com suspends user accounts for alleged credit card misuse reasons to have the ability to keep the sellers earned money. While this is disturbing news, the same exact complaints can be found by the thousands about eBay, so it is unlikely that most of these accusations will hold any merit and is more likely a case of scammers that GameFlip.com actually caught.

Within the Steam community forums, there are a ton of the same complaints about suspended or banned accounts. Whether or not the accounts deserved to be suspended or not is in question, so proceeding with caution if you are looking to use service to sell items would be the best suggestion. There were no complaints from buyers that were directed at the website itself, only to various individual users of the service.

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gameflip com bonuses promocode freemoneyPromo codes for GameFlip.com can be found virtually anywhere including our website. The promotional codes are all for a certain amount of money off. Some of them give you up to so much off, depending on the amount you spend, while others will give you a dollar for dollar promo. The following codes were active and working at the time of this writing:

AXBXKJ – $1.00 off of your order
HJSDW5 – $100.00 off of your next order when you spend $100.00
DU4AR1– 40% off of your order
28W49J –  Free game with successful order

Affiliate referrals to the site allow you to create your own promo code, offering $1.00 off of any purchase. So, when someone joins through your promo code, you will get a percentage of all the money they spend.

You can also visit the social media pages and find the occasional promo code there, as well. All in all, there are a ton of options available and that should allow you to always take some sort of discount off of your orders with them.


gameflip com house edge fees commissions

The website only charges fees to people who sell stuff through their platform. Much like Ebay or Amazon, if you sell an item, a certain percentage of the sale will go to GameFlip.com to cover the costs incurred for the hosting and interface that allowed the sale to take place. Sellers pay the 10% fee on each and every sale that they make. However, if you join as a Gold Seller, the fee is dropped to a mere 4%.


csgo skins betting legitThis service is basically Amazon or eBay for video gamers. The biggest difference, which is also the best feature is the ability to sell in-game skins on the platform. You can sell any physical items that you wish and even e-gift cards for any and all gaming platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.…
In-game skins are limited to the following games only:

Dota 2
TF 2
H1Z1:Kotk, JS
Rocket League – Steam, PS4, Xbox
Player Unknown Battlegrounds

In addition, you can also sell video game collectibles and other miscellaneous stuff that is related to gaming. All new sellers can sign up for their Gold selling account, which offers you a discount on the selling fees that you have to pay per sale. This is a great option that is a plus for anyone who will be trading a ton of stuff every month as the monthly fee will be much less than the per sale fees that will be charged otherwise.

In addition to all of this, they also allow for the buying and selling of gaming gift cards for all the platforms, both console and online. This gives opportunities for some great discounts to be found on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo, as well as the online platforms such as Steam, Rockstar and others. They offer a site where you can get everything you need to complete your gaming experience at competitive prices.


gameflip com pros consPros

  • The ability to buy and sell stuff from multiple games and platforms
  • An escrow service that allows you to make sure you get the items you paid
  • Large community, allowing for plenty of support
  • Large variety of everything that has to do with gaming


  • Sellers are limited to $200 in monthly sales
  • Seller fees are very high if the Gold plan is not purchased
  • Feedback system is very unreliable
  • Buying multiple items at the same time can be confusing since multiple sellers may be involved
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