is csoffer me legit?

Is legit? CSGO Trading Service Owned by Anomaly

is csoffer me legit? is a recently launched trading platform created by the notorious YouTuber Anomaly. It was created to enable people with a fast and automated trading bot that can instantly perform the given tasks as long as your offer is worth equal to or more than the requested skins. Anomaly has certainly learned from other people’s mistakes such as JoshOG and TmarTn who were to this date one of the biggest scams in the gambling scene with their rigged CSGOLoto(check our honest review).

One of the things they were so highly criticized for, was the fact that they did not in any way disclose their ownership of the website. Anomaly has completely avoided so by already from the early beginning of the project, strongly indicate and directly saying that he is the firm owner of the trading platform and there has therefore not been any controversy about the launch of it.

Multiple videos have been posted to confirm his ownership in his always entertaining way. His well-known logo of the Mario character with the red hoodie and white mask is to be seen on the website as well, to show newcomers that this is indeed owned by Anomaly himself.

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csoffer me bonuses promocodes free skins

As this is a CSGO trading tool and should not be seen as a gambling service, there will therefore not be the usual referral codes to be given out. Instead, however, you will get another 2 % added to the value of your trade deal by applying the tag CSOFFER.ME to your Steam nickname. This is quickly done and after finished, simply logout and re-login to activate the bonus.


csoffer me fees commissions house edgeThe fees are pretty average as each tier of skin has been increased by 5 percentage points when being withdrawn. This means the overall house edge will be 5 % unless you have the bonus activated and in this case, it will be downed to only 3 % which is not a lot compared to other services. Keys are worth 100 percent of their initial value and a little more when withdrawn. Knives, rare weapons, and weapons are all the same as they will be valued 95 percent of their original price when handed in by you and 100 percent when requested by a user.

StatTrak skins are valued 90 percent but still priced at 100 % of their value when withdrawn which makes them the worst category to actually trade through as they are being applied double the house edge compared to all the other categories. This is probably because StatTrak knives, in particular, are super hard to get rid of and not a very sought-after item to have.

The last and least valued category is Misc that is generally just all skins worth a couple bucks or less. These will only give you 85 percent of the value found on the Steam market and cost 90 percent of that value when in trade for your other skins.

These percentages and the bonus on deposits means that Keys to Misc will actually profit you in the long term as the profit here will be at 12 dollars per $ 100 worth of keys being traded on and there is no other way to make an actual profit by using this tool.


cs go trading platform skinsThere are a lot of nice features including tutorials, search filters and much more. The introduction page which gives you a tutorial will be shown to all new users or whenever you are not logged in through Steam. If you still want to see it after being logged in, simply click the About tab and it will direct you to the exact same page. It here states that is indeed not a gambling website, not affiliated with Valve and the purpose is only to provide an online and fully automated trading website.

The How-to-trade section thoroughly goes through the entire process of being able to perform the granted actions, this includes how to change your inventory to the public instead of private, setting up your trade link and then a well-described guide on how to perform the actual process when swapping your skins for the bot’s items.

There is additionally an F.A.Q section at the very bottom. The FAQ just quickly summarizes the reasons for why your skin might be unavailable including trade ban, high changes in price or either extremely high or low popularity as they neither want to stock up on unlimited supplies of AK-47 Redlines but nothing else.

The search filters are also very nice and easy to use. There is the price range filter, category changer (knife, rare weapon, weapon, key, StatTrak and misc), exterior (Factory new etc.) and a yes/no StatTrak and sticker applied the filter which is also very handy.


csoffer me pros consPros
–    Owned by the popular YouTuber Anomaly
–    Has some of the lowest fees to be found
–    Nice and unique design
–    It is legit

–    Some items are unavailable due to high or low amounts being traded

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