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Is CSGOTrade.me legit? Nice Place to Sell or Buy CS:GO Items

legit cs go skins selling site

This is a very nice trading service and indeed legit. It is not a super big website but it offers users a lot of great features and I am sure they will rise in popularity sooner or later. When researching for CSGOTrade.me I did not find any serious reports of scams and frauds and it scored great on services like Scamadviser. I have no reason to believe that the people behind the domain are trying to steal something from their database and it is neither possible if that was their goal with the platform.

The way things work here is by sending an offer with your items for something worth the same amount during the 1 trade offer together. That way it is simply not possible to get your skins in their possession without giving you the stuff from their bot’s inventory. I can guarantee you that they will never scam you and steal your items – it is simply not possible!

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csgotrade me bonuses promocodes free coinsUnfortunately, we do not have any promo code to give you guys as they do not support this feature. The only bonus achievable is a 2 % deposit bonus by having their name CSGOTrade.me in your steam nickname.  The bonus will not be activated before re-login to confirm that the URL is actually in your steam tag.


csgotrade me fees commissions house edgeAs with all other platforms where you can buy or sell ingame stuff, there are certain fees to pay the costs for managing service and doing daily giveaways on Twitter. Basically whatever you deposit will be 5 % more expensive if you want to withdraw it. The exact percentages are 95% for your knives, same goes for rare skins such as high tier AWP, M4 and AK. Standard weapons are worth between 90 to 95 % of their original value and low tier stuff is valued at only 85 to 90 %. Keys are worth between 98 and 103 % which is pretty standard since keys are easier to sell in bulk than the usual stuff.

As mentioned before those percentages are here to make up for the expenses that may be caused by maintaining a website of that size and honestly the commission not too bad. If you have a lot of smaller skins it is completely normal to pay a little extra to get 1 bigger and better item. It has always been that way and will be the same if you try to trade it with another person.


cs go skins trading siteThey offer their users 2 unique features which can be very useful. The first of them is the possibility to send trade offers directly to the owners of the service. In case you believe your skin is worth more, is underpriced, and you want more money because of that you might want to send the offer directly to admins. By sending it directly to one of their bots, they will check it automatically and any message you might have added to the offer and make a decision whether to buy your stuff or not.

The second feature which I would love to see implemented on other websites is the “Prices” tab. It is one big search engine with which you can search whatever skin you wish and it will tell you how much CSGOTrade.me pays you for that certain item. I personally think this is a very useful feature. If you deposit some money on OPSkins(honest review), for example, you probably want to get the most for your cash. Sometimes it can be quite hard to know what skins to buy with real money because if the trading platform does not have that specific item in their inventory they will not show the price. This way you can compare skins to each other and be sure you get the most value for your money when buying something on OPSkins, Bitskins or any other similar service.


csgotrade me pros cons


  • Daily giveaways on their Twitter account
  • Great and unique features that will secure you to get the best possible experience
  • 100% Legit, there is absolutely no way they can scam you unless you basically send them a trade offer with your items for free
  • Nice and simple design
  • Name bonus that adds 2 % to your deposit when active


  • Like any other service, they are taking commissions
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