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Is CSGOStash.com legit? CS:GO Items and Skins Guide

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This is a service that allows you to compare the current market values of CS:GO items and skins between different vendors. Scam Advisor has given CSGOStash.com a score of 74%, mainly because the site is listed as a Swiss platform that is hosted out of Panama. For this reason, they have given it a slight risk warning and lowered the overall score down to 74%. They also list that the domain name might actively be for sale. They do not make any mention if the potential sale of the domain name would include the entire website or not.

The age of CSGOStash.com is a little bit over a year and a half and the service is considered to be a very fast with quick page loading times. The majority of the traffic comes from the United States and Alexa has it ranked at 4,479 globally, making it a very popular platform.

Easy Counter lists much of the same information as Scam Advisor does and they give it a score of 3 and a half out of a possible 5 stars, which is a very good rating here. The daily visitor stats show that 180,000 people visit CSGOStash.com each and every day and those people view a total of 952,000 pages while they are there. The United States makes up 29.3% of All traffic, with Germany a distant second, followed by the United Kingdom and then Canada as the bulk location of users.

They do not have any PageRank in Google, but do score a 20 on Yandex CY. They have next to zero social media following, with only 3,500 Facebook shares over a 3 year period. They have only been mentioned 509 times in tweets in the same time frame and have a mere 5 Google pluses.

Within the Steam communities, there is not a single bad word said about this platform anywhere to be found. When answering the question on the legitimacy of CSGOStash.com, it is simply one of the safest websites that can be found online. This is true because there is simply nothing to do, other than to look and compare while there.

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csgostash com bonuses free money promocodeThis is a platform that allows you to compare the prices of various CS:GO in game items between the Steam marketplace, as well as on Bit Skins. They also show you the value in keys. There is no way to add money, skins or anything else to your account, most simply because you cannot even create an account. This is a purely informational service, therefore there is no promo codes, bonuses or other spiffs offered there.


csgostash com house edge fees commissionsAs with the promo codes, there is no way to apply fees to anyone on this site since there is no account set-up, transaction capability or any other way for you to do anything that would require you to pay a fee of some sort. The website is for informational purposes only and therefore, no fees can be charged to the users.


cs go skinsThey provide the current market value and data for CS:GO weapons, items, skins, keys and even music. By using this site, you can check the value of any CS:GO in game item. They also allow you to check and inspect the actual skin in the game itself right from their pages.

With the information, you have on CSGOStash.com, you can check what weapons, items or skins are selling for on the Steam marketplace and on Bit Skins. You can see the different levels of the weapons condition and get the current market value for any situation. They even give you a key value on each item, in each level of condition, making it easy to check and ensure that any trade offers you receive are fair and worth your while.

You will also find information on the collections and cases that are associated with any of the items. They break everything down by category; pistols, rifles, SMG’s, Heavy, Knives, cases, Collections, Stickers and other are the main categories that you will see and each of those drops down to offer you a ton of more specific categories to search in. They also allow you to choose the currency you wish to view prices in and they offer 33 choices, so it is a good bet that you native currency is available.

You are also given large, high quality screenshot of the skins from different angels and they show you the currently available items and on what platform you can find these offered up for trade. They make it easy for you to find exactly what it is you want to find and give you all of the pertinent info on pricing, key values and where to find the item exactly.

The ability to click a button and have the item opened up in your Steam app, directly in CS:GO, allows you to inspect the skin and then they even have a 3D viewing model that you can choose to utilize to really check it out from all angles. Using the 3D tool to view stuff, you can zoom in enough to see a dust mite on the weapon in question.

The capabilities of knowing everything about CS:GO items that are available here are unrivaled and not found anywhere else online. The amount of info and details they give make it impossible to ever get taken advantage of again, pay too much for an item or even sell it off way to cheap.


csgostash com pros consPros

  • Free informational website
  • Lots and Lots of data
  • Very easy to use and simple to understand
  • No risk


  • There are actually no cons to this service unless you are trying to get over on someone else
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