is csgosell com legit?

Is legit? Another Way to Buy and Sell CS:GO Items

is csgosell com legit?

At first sight, looks like pretty much any other CSGO trading platform nowadays. After logging in, you have the great box showing your current inventory to the left and the entirety of their withdrawable skins. It is easy to navigate around the website and everything is found within a few clicks here and there. It looks clean and the colors are nice with everything looking nice and sharp.

As every other legit trading service, operates by sending a trade offer including both your weapons and the ones requested by you. They will never send an offer for your items only and if anybody tells you so, they are most likely trying to scam you by impersonating a Steam account. This system that the site operates with, is by far the most common system and the only way to ensure you 100%, that no attempts of fraud will be successful.

The ultimately only reason for something to go wrong is by Steam’s servers crashing and it should, therefore, be fixed by Steam and will not be held responsible for such an error. Please keep in mind this is very rare to happen and if it happens, Steam is more likely than not going to return your items. The intention of the platform is to provide all users a safe, reliable and most importantly fully automated trading service to enable everyone to change up their skins when they have gotten tired of them.

It is not created to profit from as it is necessary for the owners to charge something for keeping up the servers and such. If you can agree to these terms you should be good to go and so here is how to use the platform. First, you will need to login through Steam – this is obviously necessary as everything is processed through Steams systems. Next, you will have to click either the two arrows forming a circle or the text block saying “Missing items? Refresh your inventory” as this will automatically refresh their data.

After your first use of the website, it will always load a cache based version of your inventory which means it might not be up to date. When you have successfully done so, simply mark the items you do not wish to have and click the skins to the right of your choice. You are obviously limited to the value of your own weapons but besides that, everything is accessible.

After the offers from both you and the website matches in price, click the big fat red button “TRADE” and a Steam offer will arrive within minutes if not seconds. You will need to have the Steam Mobile Authenticator enabled as this is a must for any commercial use of CS:GO skins as they will otherwise be on a weeklong tradehold to prevent scams.

Another important thing to be aware of is that unlike some other trading bots, does not have a balance per account. This means whatever your offer is worth more than the counteroffer, it will be lost and basically goes to the owners, which is why you always want to make the offers identical in price if possible.

If you have any other questions, there is an integrated help section which can be reached by clicking the “ABOUT” button where you will find basic information such as the FAQ, guides and some information about the intentions behind the service. Lastly, before going to the next review point, I would like to mention that if your items say “Unavailable” this will prevent you from using it and it is usually caused by either extremely low prices, unstable market value, overstocked or untradeable due to Steam restrictions.

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csgosell com fees commissions house edgeThere is no actual free money to earn by using the automated trading system however a few bonuses can be applied to lower the costs of trading. As you will quickly find out, each skin is represented by a specific category or tier such as knife, rare weapons, weapons, StatTraks and miscellaneous. When withdrawing items everything will be priced at 100 % of its market value, however, there is a big difference in what will pay you, for your pixels.

While knives and rare to non-rare weapons all earn you around 95 % of their actual value, miscellaneous and StatTraks will only be worth 85 percent of their original value. One thing that I feel like is missing here is keys as those are usually the most sought ones and therefore also better price.

The reason for this is that keys are the currency of skins trading and can therefore always be sold within no time, something that the automated trading systems strive to achieve. These fees as you might call them can be reduced by two percentage points and this bonus is applied by adding the domain name to your Steam profile name.


csgo selling buying skins siteThere are some nice features however most of these are similar to other CS:GO trading bots as they all operate in a near identical way. The first thing to mention would be the search filters that will make your life way easier. Instead of scrolling through hundreds if not thousands of various CSGO skins, using the filters can shorten this process. First and foremost, you can decide what exactly you are looking for whether this might be keys, gloves, knives, rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, smg’s, shotguns, stickers or pins. The choices are many but it is pretty easy to understand.

Next up, you can choose the exterior of the skins which basically translate to the float value of the weapon. For newcomers, the float value represents the percentage of the actual pattern will be applied to your gun and the best exterior is Factory new. The last filters let you choose to see either StatTraks or guns with stickers only. Another great feature is the fact that they show the phase of

Another great feature is the fact that they show the phase of doppler and emerald doppler knifes.


csgosell com pros consPros
–    Easy to use and safe

–    The design is a copy of almost any other trading template
–    The house fee is very high with some categories being charged 15 percent of their value
–    There are no unique features

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