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Is CSGORage.com legit? Nice Chance to Win a Desired Skin!

cs go legit skins betting

CSGORage.com is a raffle website that gives you a chance to win CS:GO items. When looking at the legitimacy of the service, Easy Counter gives them a two and a half star out of possible 5 star rating. The Alexa global ranking here is 95,339, making it a very popular platform that is visited by a lot of people every single day.

They show that there is an average of 8.31 thousand visitors daily, with a total of over 33.2 thousand actual page views. This breaks down to about 4 page views per person who visits the site. Easy Counter has tracked this website since May of 2015. They also report that it has a poor social media following and no PageRank status in Google or Yandex.

On Reddit, the community seems to agree that CSGORage.com is indeed a legit platform for entering the raffles and receiving the prizes if you win. The same sentiment is found within the Steam community forums, as well. Scam Analyze shows much of the same as Easy Counter does. They give the service a safe website rating.

Woo Rank also gives it high marks in terms of traffic and search engine optimization. With all of the positive outlooks that are found, and the lack of any negative reviews, comments or any other issues, it is safe to assume that CSGORage.com is a website that can be counted on to deliver on the promises that they make to their users.

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csgorage com bonuses promocode free moneyThere are no promo codes to be found for CSGORage.com. They do, however, offer users an opportunity to earn free credits that can be used on their website to join the various giveaways. In order to take advantage of the free credit offers, you must have a verifiable Steam account that shows you have played a Steam game for at least 10 hours.

They also have Free raffles for any website user to join that has deposited and transacted at least 50 cents on their platform. They are absolutely free and if you win the skin, they send it right to your integrated Steam inventory.

They also have a special giveaway for those that have the CSGORage.com name added to their Steam name, giving those users another chance for absolutely free skins.


csgorage com house edge fees commissionsService does not have any fees that it charges for the use of its website or the raffles. As with most wagering platforms, they will have raked the top, or taken a percentage of the value of all entries into each contest. This allows the users to enjoy Feeless wagering and still allows them to make a profit.

In the coin flip game, they do take a 5% of the wager fee from each flip that is made.


cs go raffle skins CSGORAGE.COM offers a coin flip game and raffles; lots and lots of them. The coin flip game allows you to either create a game yourself that other users can then join and go head to head against you in the coin flip. This is a winner takes all flip. You can also join another user’s already created a game and have a chance to win the amount they chose as the wagering amount. The winner is credited instantly to their balance any winning credits earned in each round.

The raffles are easy to join, simply find an item you would like a chance to win and enter the giveaway for the specific number of credits. The prizes are drawn as soon as all available slots are filled up for that particular event. Each item that is being offered up will show the cost of entry into the lottery, as well as how many total slots there are.

CSGORage.com also allows you to simply withdraw skins that you want without having to win them at all. Simply go to the withdraw page, find the skins you want and add them to your withdrawal queue. Once you have what you want, just hit the button and they will be sent to your Steam inventory instantly. They are not free, but the prices for each are listed on the item’s thumbnail. Make sure to have enough credits to cover the total amount of the items first.

If you are the winner of a raffle, you must redeem your prize from your account page within two weeks or you will forfeit that prize. Special giveaway participant must also be sure to redeem their prizes within the two week period. If you do decide to just buy skins from the platform, it is suggested to withdraw those items immediately since they are not held for you just because you add them to your withdrawal list.


csgorage com pros consPros

  • Very easy to use and understand website
  • Up to date technology makes the games fun and interactive
  • Fair trading practices and enhanced security make it a comfortable wagering platform
  • Many ways to earn free credits
  • Many free raffles for active site users


  • Slow response to customer tickets and service issues
  • Chance to lose a skin from the marketplace if you are not fast about withdrawing it
  • Raffles are hard to find due to no real structuring system
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