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Is CSGOpoints.com Legit? Get Skins by Completing Easy Tasks!

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This is a special credit earning site focused on CS:GO items as the rewards you spend the points you have earned on. Scam Advisor rates CSGOPoints.com as 79% safe. They take a hit in their score because they have decided to use Whois privacy protection, masking their personal information, as well as the business information that would normally be available to the public. While many legitimate websites use this for privacy reasons, scammers obviously use it as a way to avoid prosecution when they scam people. For this reason, Scam Advisor always deducts rating for any services that utilize Whois privacy protection on their platforms.

They list the owner of the website as being based out of Panama, in Central America and do provide a telephone number as contact info for the owner. The site itself is based out of servers, which are located in France. The Alexa rating for the service is 47,711, making it a very popular website with a lot of monthly visitors. CSGOPoints.com is just over 2 and a half years old and has very fast servers, with page load times faster than over 70% of other URLs.

While Scam Advisor didn’t have any user reviews, Reddit had some user comments about the rewards platform. The general consensus found there suggested that there have been no scam reports, nor complaints about the service, but that users should still take caution with this or any other site like it since the owners of such platforms are not obligated to fulfill their end of the deal by any legal statutes. However, there were no mentions of any type of scams or other problems with CSGOPoints.com on Reddit.

Easy Counter gave it a 3.5 out of 5-star overall rating. They show the statistical details on their page and show that site receives 15.4 thousand daily visitors for a total of 59.9 thousand daily page views. The highest global Alexa ranking CSGOPoints.com has ever reached was 40,699 and within the USA, it has reached 23,067. It has no Google or Yandex page ranking at all and they have had over 24 thousand Facebook shares. There were 3 user reviews on Easy Counter. 2 of them boasted that the site was legit, but it did take forever for them to deliver the skins that you withdraw.

While caution is always the best approach, it appears that CSGOPoints.com is a legit website. Within the Steam community forums, it did not receive any scam accusations, but it was also pretty much agreed that getting your skins took forever, but they did get them to you. So, overall, while they may be slow on delivering the items, they do follow through on the promises that they make and they are not out scamming people.

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cs go earning legit skins siteCSGOPoints.com, being a reward site only offers promo codes that will garner you a few credits in your balance. One way to get a bonus is to register here using our referral link. Another only way to get these codes is to visit the Facebook and/or twitter pages, where they post promo codes, contests and ways for you to get all kinds of free credits and skins. They do have a free 10 points daily for anyone who adds the website name on to their Steam Profile name, as well.


csgopoints com fees commissions house edgeThere are no fees associated with the users on CSGOPoints.com. Being a rewards site, where you get a virtual balance for surveys, watching videos, etc.…, they are making their money from the advertiser networks by having you do the credits earning activities. Therefore, there is no reason to charge the users a fee at all.


cs go skins trading selling siteThe website allows you to earn points for watching videos, downloading and trying mobile apps, taking surveys and taking part in various online offers. The offers are broken down by category and you can choose what you want to do. Each offer has its own set of rules and requirements that must be followed I order for you to receive the credit to your account. They suggest that you read the rules carefully before attempting any offer to ensure it is one you will be able to complete. Some offers do require you to spend money. These offers are easy to spot because they will always have a high point value that you will earn for completing them and all offers have the requirement listed right below the offer itself.

There are tons of offers available that require you to simply download a mobile game and play it for a set amount of time, usually until reaching a certain level. These offers do not require any money to be spent at all and are very easy to complete. Then they have the video watching offers, which are the easiest. Just open the video, use a Pinning app to keep the pop-up window on top of all other windows and then just move it to the top of your screen and off to the side. Leave the videos to play and you can be earning 24 hours a day.

Once you have acquired some credits, you can visit the skins shop and spend those on CS:GO items. They have items as low as 1 point available, so you can start spending almost immediately with how easy it is to get a couple points.


csgopoints com pros consPros

  • Very easy to earn credits
  • A lot of offers available
  • No money is ever needed to be spent
  • Good selection of CS:GO items available to buy with your balance


  • Slow delivery time to your Steam account
  • Customer support takes a long time to reply to tickets
  • Can be confusing when trying to earn free points by posting to social media
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