csgolounge com legit skins trading betting site

Is CSGOLounge.com Legit? One of the Oldest CS:GO Trading Sites

cs go legit skins betting site

Today we will be reviewing a trading and wagering platform that allows you to buy, sell and wager using your CS:GO items directly from your Steam inventory. It joins the list of a lot of other sites that provide the same type of services, but are they legit? According to Scam Advisor, some facts you should have handy about CS:GOLounge.com are that the domain name has an age of 3 and a half years. It is a very well-aged domain name. The owner of the site, while they do keep their name privatized using a third-party service, does list the address of the company as being operated out of Panama.

Scam Advisor also warns that CSGOLounge.com generated a malware report for the website, which is never a good sign. The Alexa rating, however shows that it is ranked in the top 5,800 websites in the world and the top 6,500 within the United States. They do say that it is an extremely fast service, as far as page load times goes.

Scam Advisor does report that CSGOLounge.com has received some negative reviews. It only has two users posted comments, one of them is a positive with no real details and the other is pushing a referral link.

Trust Pilot gives it a ‘Poor’ rating, with a 4.2 out of a possible 10 stars being awarded. There are ten user reviews on trust Pilot and Lounge site earned seven 1-star negative reviews from users. While they did earn a couple of 3 and 5 star ratings, the positive mentions give no detail at all, while the negative reviews are in depth. They all have plenty of details as to why they think CSGOLounge.com is not legit. Customer support, or rather, a lack of it seems to be the biggest issue, seconded by poor bot software and some account crediting issues.

Within the Steam community itself, there is more of the same rhetoric: a few scattered good comments that tell you nothing and a much higher number of complaints which cite poor customer service, outdated or poorly written software and issues regarding general website operations.

Whether or not this points to CSGOLounge.com being a scam site or just a poorly ran business is hard to tell, but there were no flat out scam accusations made against them.

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csgolounge bonus promo code free coinsThere are countless promotional and coupon codes available for CSGOLounge.com and they even have a “Giveaway’ Section where they have five different contests going on that will allow users to get some free stuff.

Most of the promo codes that are found will garner a certain percentage discount when playing an order of some type on the website. 10% off your first buy if you are new is available by entering the following code: 332E80FF.

The other promo codes are the standard discounts you see everywhere online; 15% off if you spend more than $75, 20% off for spending more than $100 and they even have some 5% off coupon codes for spending a mere $20. All of the coupons do expire rather quickly, which means that CSGOLounge.com is constantly putting new ones out.

The giveaways vary and the information on each one that they have listed on the giveaways page of the website is very meek, providing nothing more than the name of the giveaway. In order to participate for a chance to get some of the platform coins and even items that they will sometimes give away, you have to read through their Steam group forum or the Reddit page.

csgolounge bonus promocode free coins


csgolounge com fees commissions house edgeIt has a very big donation system set-up, where they give anyone who donates all kinds of bonuses and other spiffs. While not a direct fee, since not everyone has to pay it, the donations to account for a large portion of service’s revenue. Since depositing funds into your account is nothing more than purchasing CSGOLounge.com Coins, there are no real fees to associate with any purchases. They sell you 100 coins for $1. You just bought 100 items that can only be used on their platform and would have less value than you paid for them elsewhere. For this reason, fees are not something that this service deals with in the traditional sense.


cs go skins tradins wagering siteA website has full integration with your Steam Profile and inventory, making it easy to create trades and make deals direct and quickly. They have a ton of community driven resources with their forums, Steam group and Reddit page, making it easy to get any info or questions answered by other users of the platform.

When using the platform, you are spending coins that are exclusively made and used for that website only. This makes it a bit easier to manage your money. It also removes fees from being charged since the platform currency is pre-purchased. They have a nice bonus system set up that allows you to maximize your earning potential in several different ways that are easy, affordable and/or integrated into your normal on-site activities. The bots and other wagering mechanisms that the employ are nothing special, but in most cases, they get the job done. It seems that extracurricular activities are more of the draw for CSGOLounge.com, rather than the actual esports wagering.


csgolounge com pros consPros

  • Generous bonuses and perks for donors
  • Integration with Steam
  • Large Community Support Network
  • Large number of coupons and promo codes
  • Little to no additional fees for using the website


  • Poor customer support
  • Poorly written software for automated processes
  • No standard procedures for irregularities in matches (Lagging)
  • On-site information and support is all but nonexistent
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