is csgo-exchange de legit?

Is legit? Multiple Scam Accusations

legit trading cs go site

One of the CSGO websites that I’m going to share is no other than There are some cases online telling that this service is legit, while others say its scam. For now, I would like to focus more on the fraud cases been swirling around the internet. Most of the issues I would like to reveal today came from the Steam community.

The first scam accusation is from a user named Jvm. He said that he traded a skin worth $278 for other items. When he got what he wanted (including the balance), it was time for him to withdraw the skin. Unfortunately, he did not get what he was expected. Instead of taking the skin completely, it turns out that the system is not letting him withdraw without recharging an additional $50 to his account.

As a result, he is telling everyone not to trust this platform anymore. It will only lead them to nowhere when it comes to depositing money for the product. He even claimed that the customer support is nothing but fake. He said that he has all the evidence to prove that his allegations about were true. JVM was hoping that the owner of the service will be caught by the authorities one day.

As for the replies, there were some mixed positive and negative reactions. Polska said that the OP had done a good job in opening this case. However, a follow-up message coming from Dicht007 stated that he called Jvm a “clever kid” and has no words left for him. Jvm replied that a kid like him is trying to deposit skins on the website and see what is going to happen. For me, I think Dicht007 is seeking to defend the platform.
It seems that he’s one of the users who are satisfied with the service. He replied to Jvm again that the OP’s case isn’t real. After exchanging words for being “kids,” Polska replied that the OP should stop crying and blame others for losing his skins. It seems most of the users who answered are calling Jvm a “kid” who keeps complaining about his losses here.

Another user from Steam community named Pyrosbane claimed that is not legit. He said to everyone not to use this site not for all, without giving any further details to his experiences. The one who replied him first was Vault Hunter 101. He supported his claim that it was a scam. He shared his experience regarding how the platform scammed him in the first place.

He said about his issues regarding trade offers from the service itself. When entering his trade URL on the site, some errors appeared. The trade will not commence without his valid trade URL. They also have Steam API issues as well, and it needs to be fixed soon.

He followed up his post by quoting a message from a user named Aries (who claimed that he’s the owner of the service) that he doesn’t like to deal with the scammer like him. Aries did tell him to contact their customer support and claimed that his platform is real and will never scam clients whatsoever. Going down to the post, I see LV’s reply that this site is a pure scam for three reasons.

He said that the price of depositing items is so small. Second, he can’t deposit and withdraw items in a single offer. Third, the inventory of their bot is private. He assumes that there’s not a single item in the bot’s list, which is something suspicious.

In the first page of replies alone, it seems that most of the users are in favor that this service is indeed scamming their users for losing their items during the trade deal. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but this site is still active as of today. If they do not address these scam issues to bring back their trust, they will start losing customers.

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csgo exchange de bonuses promocode free coins

When I check this platform, I don’t see any promo code option within their interface. Therefore, I conclude that does not offer promos for their users when joining the website.


csgo-exchange de fees commissions house edge

Since is nothing but a trading bot, the house edge is not applicable. As you may know, the house will always win in the end. I strongly advise that you should only deposit or trade skins that you could afford to lose.


cs go buy sell skins site

Although this isn’t some gambling or betting service for CSGO, it is a trading bot for your skins. Before accessing the site, there’s a trade URL pop-up locker before gaining access to the full interface. You can skip that by clicking the Trade Link option at the upper navigation bar just beside the “Logout” option. As for the entire interface, it looks good to me. However, there are times when pages load very slowly.


csgo-exchange de pros cons

1 – Pop-up chat

The website itself got a quick pop-up chat at the bottom part of it. From there, you can quickly talk with one of the customer support representatives available on duty.

2 – Complete Guide

For newbies and experienced CSGO betting players, they have a guide section for you to get started quickly. In this way, they will get you familiarize the entire interface quickly.


I know that not all of the websites are legit, and one of them who is questionably reputable is There are a lot of complaints coming from several users about losing their items.

I hope you like my review and, please try this one at your own risk.

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