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Is CSGO.Cash legit? Be Careful When Selling Your Skins Here!

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This is a cashout service for csgo skins which can help you to exchange in-game stuff to real money. By trading items to the site’s bots and choosing your preferred currency they claim to do the payment within 30 minutes. This is pretty much a rip-off of the more well known Skins.cash (ninja’s review here), the design is very much the same and it has the similar bonus system. CSGO.Cash does not have a very good reputation: they do have many good reviews on services like Trustpilot but there are also a fair amount of reports about very delayed and in sometimes missing payouts.

The accusations against the site are in most cases pretty well documented and it seems like your payment is not guaranteed. It definitely means that CSGO.cash is not 100% legit! A certain user has warned everyone from choosing Bitcoin as their preferred currency because he never saw any money sent to his wallet. The person comes with some pretty heavy accusations counting a customer live support that cannot help you with anything, false excuses for missing payouts and the admins accusing the Bitminers and the guy himself for the missing payments.

Since I am not an expert when it comes to Bitcoins I am not able to explain in more details what exactly went wrong but it definitely seems like something is not like it is supposed to be here. Talking about the site as I mentioned earlier it has pretty much just stolen the design of Skin.cash and for me, that is not a good sign. There are already plenty of examples out there of scam services that copied the design of more popular ones in order to gain trust from the customers.

In case you decide to try out the platform we recommend you to do it with a few dollars before selling big amounts. I will say that even if there are no problems with smaller payouts I personally would not use the site to sell any expensive skins. From the reports I have read of people missing their payment it seems like all the amounts can vary from 100 $ to 1000$. What I think, is that this amplifies the fact that they might not pay in certain cases if they believe that this is profitable enough to take the risk of doing so.

My advice to you would be to either stay away from CSGOcash, sell only smaller skins, use Skin.Cash instead or simply just be a little patient and try OPSkins.com because they are by far the most reliable out there. The owners of the service claim to have more than 133.000 satisfied customers and around 7000 daily payouts. If this was to be true that would, of course, be very good for their reputation but as we all know, these sites are made to make an easy profit and these numbers could easily be faked.

There is no guarantee for these numbers to be true nor even close to reality. One thing I will get them credit for is their social media marketing. They are very active on social medias such as Twitter, Facebook and VK (A Russian version of Facebook). To me, it is good for a platform to be active on social medias since it shows that they do at least care about the action and it is often an indicator of the site being somewhat legit. On the page they show the latest feedbacks from users and apparently the average rating is an amazingly 9.8. Looks like this was just put there by admins and you should not give too much trust into these numbers.

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csgo cash bonuses promocode free moneySince CSGO.Cash is not a gambling service but pure cashout they do not have any on-page balance or wallet. Every payout is done directly by trading the specific skins for real money and there is actually no need to keep anything on the site. Because of that, there are neither any free coins promocodes we can give you guys but they do have a rewarding bonus system.

A more specified description of their bonus system is given in the FAQ but basically they give you a few more percentages for your skins after you have used their service for some specific period of time. The best bonus will be achieved after selling items for an accumulative worth of 15.000 $ which most users will never even be close to. At this point you will be given another 10 % on every cashout which is a noticeable amount in the long run.

As with their design, their bonus system is just another copy of SkinsCash. It is completely the same except they changed the name for the each bonus rank. By signing up with our link you will not get any free credits but will be given 1 % in addition to your deposit.


vs go skins cashout siteThey claim to take up to no more than 20% of your items worth in tax for paying real cash for skins. Basically, if you sell out a 100$ skin you should get at least 80$ in whatever currency you wish but this is not completely true. There are multiple posts on forums from the people saying the site took up to 40 % of their deposit and paid way to slow, not really a good sign for a service which already looks like a scam.


csgo skins legit cashThe whole idea behind CSGO.Cash is quite unique a feature itself, there are not many platforms out there claiming to pay for csgo skins within half an hour. The more well known services such as OPSkins(our review here) and Bitskins usually take about 1 week to transfer money from csgo items to Paypal balance. The site offers payouts to Paypal, Mastercard/Credit card, Bitcoin and WebMoney. Apparently, the Mastercard/Credit card is only available for citizens of Russia but Paypal, Bitcoin and WebMoney work worldwide so there should be no problem finding a way to get your payout.


csgo cash pros consPros

  • Bonus system
  • Very fast payments


  • Bad reputation
  • The design is a rip-off
  • Bad live-support
  • Reports of missing payments
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6 years ago

Missing payment BTC here.
I’ve 4 bitcoins transactions missing for 20days until now!