Is CS.Money legit? How to Get a Discount Here?

How to Get Discount

 When you first arrive at the main page for CS.Money, you find a very simple design that is laid out in a professional manner. You will soon discover that the entire website is made up of only four pages total. Upon looking into matters a bit deeper, it uses Steam for the login and has all of their trading bots integrated directly with your Valve account. A good indicator that CS.Money is legit is the fact that Steam has not blocked them, which has been done to countless other CS:GO related gambling websites.

According to both the Community forums and Scam Advisor’s website, this is a legitimate service that has no history of fraudulent activity. Scam Advisor reports that it is owned and operated by Outer McCook, LLC which is a licensed company in California. The age of the domain is 2 and a half years and currently holds an Alexa ranking of 8099, making it a very popular platform. The owners do not have any type of privacy set, keeping the site totally transparent. They are given a score of 100% Safe, which should assure everyone that this service is legit indeed.

Members of the Steam community forums agree that CS.Money is legit, but complain that the pricing is a bit much.

Scam Analyze’s website gives here a 79 out of possible 100 scoring, saying that the website is safe and has a good reputation. They also give it a safe browsing tag and provide the SSL information for CS.Money, letting you know that it is a secure site.

They have 841 Facebook shares and 146 Google+ shares to date, making them relatively popular within the gaming community itself.

In conclusion, service has proven to be reputable that does not engage in any types of fraud.

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cs money bonus free coins

CS.Money does not support the use of promo codes, coupons or any other type of voucher that claims that you can get a discount by applying the code. They give a direct warning against this in their support section saying, “We don’t have promo code or referral links; if you see this, it is most likely a scam.”

They do, however, allow you to apply for a permanent 2% discount on your trading fees that they will charge. To apply this discount, you have to add their site domain to your Steam nickname. Once you have edited your nickname, you can log back into CS.Money and you will now receive 2% lower fees on your trades. You must keep them on your nickname at all times for the discount to work.


cs money house edge commision fee

They charge a fee for every trade that you engage in on their platform. The fee amount that they charge is 5% of the total amount of the trade. This fee is charged to both the buyer and the seller. If you use the 2% discount method described above, then you are only charged 3% on each trade that you engage in.


csgo best trading skins site

You are able to sort the items that are available by clicking the “Types” button in the center of the page, between the two trading windows. By default, it shows all types, priced from highest to lowest. Click the key icon and you see keys, click the knife icon and you see knives, and so on.

They also show you the market rates in real time in the center of the page so you know how much you will pay for an item. If you want to know more or do not fully understand the market values, they provide an “In Depth” button that will pop a window up, giving you the full explanation of how price calculations work.

At the top of the page, the Bots link will open up a pop up window that will allow you to view the profiles on Steam, of the people who have skins for sale. The about link will open up a new page that features the FAQ section and a quick tutorial of how to conduct a trade here.

The last page of CS.Money is their support page, where you will find a short menu of the most popular issues that people have while using their platform. Clicking the topics offered opens a drop down menu with some quick info that you can use to solve the issue. If you still need help or couldn’t find what you were looking for, open the Contact Support and type your message.


cs money pros cons


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Direct integration with your Steam account
  • No Hidden Fees
  • 2% permanent discount available
  • Automatic trades
  • Detailed search filters
  • Real-Time price calculations


  • Expensive to trade
  • Hard to make a profit
  • Not able to trade items they feel aren’t worth it
  • Must add their name to your Steam nickname for discount
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