is bitskins com legit?

Is Bitskins legit? Perfect Place to Sell CS:GO Skins for Bitcoin

is bitskins com legit?

Bitskins is a very popular alternative to OPSkins (honest review) and has a bunch of features that will make your experience a lot better than most other skin selling platforms. It quickly rose in popularity after its launch roughly a year ago or more because of its Bitcoin payment method allowing many people interested in skins to combine their topics of interest. It has a great layout, cool features and most importantly very legit.

There are no reports of scams to be taken seriously and I myself have neither experienced any problems of any kinds, what so ever. Bitskins focuses a lot on the anonymity of its user base and you will, therefore, be granted an alias when using the chat to prevent people from tracking you down. It really ensures high security, proof of legitimacy and a quick payout program.

It has a loyalty ranking system and cashback applies to your bought skins too. It really is a great alternative to the major item selling platforms and certainly offers something more than the classic mainstream marketplaces.

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bitskins com bonuses promocodes free skinsStarting off with the benefits Bitskins has on offer there are a few to look out for. First and foremost, we have the cashback system which gives you back roughly 0,5 percentage of everything you spend here. This requires you to have their name in your steam tag but it is certainly worth it if you use the platform a lot.

They also consist of a ranking system for sellers. It basically rewards you with lower fees the more you sell. It is not a huge benefit but it can earn you something in the long run. To be fair it is just another bonus as their fee is already very low. The last way to get some free coins is by participating in giveaways.

Bitskins allows its users to create promocodes so one user can send money to another guy. Some YouTubers use this to gain traffic towards their channel by giving away these codes and if you are lucky you might just snap one.


bitskins com fees commissions house edgeThere are a few fees to pay when using the service however these are actually lower than any other on the market and lower than paid memberships to platforms like OPSkins as well. As you sell more and more items, you will slowly rise in the “Seller Fee Schedule” starting on the Camo Plan that comes with a 5 percent fee. There are 5 levels within the schedule with the highest requiring over $50.000 worth of items sold on the website. Only 0.05 % of the original fee is cut off between each level so it is not a huge deal for the average user but it might make a difference to big sellers.

For Paypal withdraws there is no additional fee, however, Paypal themselves take 2% so keep that in mind. I highly recommend you to stay away from bank wires as those cost a static $85 to be completed which is just insanely high.


cs go trading skins siteThere are many great features when using the platform. First of all, withdraw requests to Paypal and Bitcoin is done usually within 5 minutes but in certain cases can take up to an hour and this is with no extra costs! That is not seen anywhere else and is a really great thing to have. Usually such fast payments will cost up towards 10 percent of the withdrawn amount so it’s really great that they chose to do it this way.

The only costs of this otherwise great feature is the fact that you need to withdraw at least $50 when using Paypal, in my opinion, this is a very little minus as most people neither will withdraw anything lower than that. Not to mention that the benefits of the rule highly overcome the downsides.

There is a section called “Deals” where you can find the best discounts within certain prices ranges to ensure there is something for everyone. The discounts are often over 30% of its original price and definitely worth a check before buying anything else.

It is really nice that you can check the float value of a skin before buying it or inspect it in-game and now you can also see what stickers are attached. This is great if you are on the hunt for rare stickers as the Katowice 2014 collection etc.

A price check program is a nice option if you are trying to find the best catch or speculating in skin values rising in the near future. You can check every item in the game and the “price check” program will automatically give you a detailed graph of the last sold items and any given tendencies on both the official Steam market and at Bitskins.

If you are a tech nerd you might want to check out the developer API section. Here you can check the API for the entire website. I am unfortunately not very knowledgeable on this topic but it is certainly worth a look if you are good at computers and programming.


bitskins com pros consPros
–    The lowest fees have seen so far
–    No paid memberships or subscription programs
–    Very fast payout with no extra fees
–    Very user-friendly
–    Great discounts
–    You can sell CS:GO skins for Bitcoin

–    Minimum of $50 Paypal withdraw request
–    You need at least $50 in your balance in order to use the chat room

Bitskins is a great website and it seems like in order to compete with the major company behind the OPSkins trade mark, they have been forced to give their users greater benefits and more user-friendly features.

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