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I know there are several CSGO-related betting sites out there who are competing with each other in becoming the most trusted and reliable. However, there is one service that could prove critics wrong about their legitimacy, and it is no other than This is one of the biggest CSGO gambling sites that you’ll ever see on the internet today. Before we get started, we would like to dig deep first about some possible cases that this platform could mislead players who bet their hard earned money for nothing. In other words, there might be some people who would do anything to take this site down for good.

Last year, Valve intends to shut down and other CSGO betting-related services for some reason. They are writing a cease and desist letter to them because of the violation the Steam Subscription Agreement. Valve claimed that a lot of different services are using their Steam accounts commercially, which is against the terms and conditions. As they come to their last breath, most players are creating a petition to prevent Valve from shutting down

They do it in the form of where they can file a petition and collect more signatures to be submitted to Valve, Steam, etc. They pleaded with their case regarding this matter. To cut the long story short, Valve seems to have a change of heart as they let this and the rest of CSGO gambling related sites continue their operations.

There’s another scam case on Youtube where a certain user named Uprise uploaded a video about As you can see on his social media platforms, his Twitter handle is @UpriseCSGO. It means that he’s a competitor to these betting platforms who is trying to take all of them down. He’s just trying to tell people who are on this website to stop playing there because of “scam” cases (which I think they were just telling fake stories about scams). It is normal for UpriseCSGO to put every competitor down.

A guy named Eyal Daniel claims in the comments of the above video that he was scammed here because they take his “Karambit” without a permission. He even thanked Uprise for uploading this video regarding the scam. Another user named Don’t Laugh TV claims that a certain “admin” named Alex scammed him of his AK47 Vulcan, and his entire inventory was completely gone. However, he did not realize that he got fooled by Alex, who is not the real admin of the site. Anybody can act or pretend as an admin, and if you are not smart enough, all of your collections will be gone.

What’s the point anyways? I conclude that is legit and trusted. In my opinion, all I can say is that these scam claims are just from a bunch of haters and competitors from other services. Some players just don’t understand how their system works, and others are not matured enough if the one they’ve talked is a real admin or a fake one. If it is not legit, why is that there are more than 400 users who are still using this betting site? And why is this still growing? It means that most of the players here trust this site, and they’ve enjoyed spending time betting here. At the end of the day, there’s no one who can stop them from operating and giving their players time to enjoy betting for their dream CSGO skins around the corner.

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cs go skins gambling

I can’t say that their house edge is either high or low, but it’s kind of hefty for me. However, their service is in high quality and I can say that they’re doing well in dealing with different customer issues. When you withdraw any amount, they take 10% of that. Aside from that, they also earn 5% from the games.


cs go skins gambling

One feature that I like is their game variety. They have the classic Jackpot, Roulette, Coinflip, and Crash as their games. However, for me, Roulette is the most popular like the other CSGO related sites out there. In Roulette, you have 4 different multipliers (2x, 3x, 5x and 50x, respectively).


society gg pros cons


– High reputation

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, is highly reputable. As you can see, there are tons of players who are betting $100 and above every day. It means that they have trusted this site long enough and have no problems with withdrawals as well.

– Free money in their faucet

If you have no money to bet with, they can give you a head start. You can earn $0.03 every two hours and up to $0.39 if you’re playing the whole day. What made this service different from the others is their trivia game. You can win up to $450 in prizes if your answer is correct and being selected as the winner.

– Chat room and friendly customer support

They have a sleek chat room where you can communicate and make friends with other players. Customer support is also good and they can fix some issues instantly and responds after a few days.


– Not mobile friendly

In today’s era, more and more people are using mobile phones than laptops and computers. Sad to say that isn’t mobile friendly but still functions like you see in desktops and laptops.

– Limited cash-out for Crash game

There are limits in cashing out money for the Crash, while other games are having no restrictions.

– TOS isn’t clear enough

There’s a part of their TOS which says that you must be 18 and above to join this website. However, there’s another sentence which states that for you to join this site, you must be at least 21. It’s kind of weird, even for me.

I hope you liked my honest review about All I can say is that they are legit and currently one of the best out there. Go ahead and try this for yourself. Good luck!

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6 years ago

Friend of mine has been locked out of his account right after he deposited some items worth around 50$, had no chance to play or withdraw.
Minutes after his deposit he received a message that his account is locked since he has been found to trade on the website, it makes no sense to ban immediately after depositing and shows that they will ban anyone out of the blue.
Of course, his chat is muted as well so he can’t even write to the support.