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is skinbet io legit? is a CS:GO gambling platform that only accepts skins with no real cash in the process. They operate with currently three active game modes including roulette, dice, and jackpot. They are all very basic and standard versions of the popular games.

It is worth mentioning the pots here are not very big and it often happens that you will enter the jackpot only by yourself. The dice has the unfortunate restriction which limits players who have yet to deposit more than $2,5 to change the odds for a roll, this is, of course, to force people to deposit. Talking about deposits it is also necessary to bet on one of the modes before you can use the chat room.

It is a little worrying that their bot’s inventories are so empty as it is usually not a good sign. As I am writing this, there are only 40 skins available to withdraw within a price range of $3 to $400 which is fairly decent. While the supply is pretty low I suppose this is simply just to keep the costs down in case the skins won’t be withdrawn and looking at the price range there should be something for all wallets.

Apparently, their withdraw is not fully automated as the admin of has to approve certain requests, this is probably to avoid someone from scamming the website or maybe it is to slow down the process so that people will keep on playing – who knows?

I checked their reputation on various services and forums, seems clean though they are not a very popular site. There aren’t any reports of scams but then again, it is such a small platform so you never know for sure. The traffic is very low and most of the time there is no one in the chat which is a bit of a shame.

I am not 100 % sure but the design is surprisingly similar to many other smaller businesses and it is certainly not impossible that they are using a template used by others too.

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skinbet io bonuses promo codes free moneyThere are 3 ways to get coins for free. First of all, you can click the “Affiliates” tab and enter our Skinbet code r7m83wbl5 as this will get you 50 coins. Click the “Free Diamonds” button and then hit redeem to be rewarded with another 200 coins.

At this point you should have 250 coins which equal around $2,5 in skin value and the last method to get some free skins is to complete the surveys and watch the videos under the same “Free Diamonds” page – please be aware that it is possible to get virus by some of the surveys, so watch out if you decide to do it.

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skinbet io fees commisions house edgeThere is a house edge on the jackpot game while the 2 other modes have the odds fixed so you will lose no matter what in the long run. The fee for playing on the jackpot mode is 10 % no matter what, this is pretty insane since you will often be the only person playing and therefore they are just going to tax you 10 % of your own money. I definitely think it should be changed but unfortunately, that is how things are and I highly doubt they are going to be changed in the near future if ever.

The dice will pay back on average 90 cents per dollar spent which means you will end in a loss no matter what if you keep on playing. The roulette is a typical Las Vegas version with 1 to 36 plus twice green. The odds are a bit better here so this is where to go if you are looking to bet a lot.


skins betting service csgoThere are not that many features to talk about but it is somewhat interesting that they have chosen to go with the Las Vegas inspired roulette instead of the usual 14 numbers and 1 green. The multipliers are also slightly changed as Green pays back 15x your bet instead of the usual multiplier of 14. There is a little box right next to the big spinning wheel, here you can see the past outcomes.

Even more importantly you will find a small mute button on top of the box, I found this feature extremely helpful while checking out as the sound of the wheel spinning is extremely loud and annoying to listen to.

If you are interested to check your amount of wagered coins, won coins and total profit/loss you see those stats by clicking the “My Account” in the top right corner of your screen.

They have their own Discord channel where I believe players can come to talk and chat, it is also here that you can contact the admin for withdrawing expensive stuff or contacting the support if you are in need of help.


skinbet io pros consPros
Doing giveaways on Twitter
Nice price range in withdrawable skins
Own dedicated Discord channel
Free diamonds with code r7m83wbl5
 Very small site with not that much traffic
The bot’s inventory is not that big
Fees for jackpot are quite huge
Requires deposit to change odds for dice mode
Chat is somewhat inactive seems like a decent and legit gambling platform that struggles to get new users. In fact, their website is decent but the number of active users is simply so low that it is boring to be here and jackpot will most likely just end with a guaranteed loss because of the taxes. It would be very healthy for them and their business to get some more traffic.

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