Is legit?

Is legit? 100% Proven Scam CS:GO Roulette!

Is legit? is 100% not legit!

I have done some research myself and tested out the site for roughly 30 minutes and I can already tell by now that you do not want to deposit your own money into this project. The first thing I realized was the fact that their Twitter account has only 778 followers while their giveaways get actually no retweets – literally 0. You can already tell by this, that something is seriously wrong because usually these gambling sites have way over 10k followers at least and giveaway posts getting absolutely 0 retweets? I do not like that at all.

Next up let’s take a look at the chat room which at first sight does not look particularly suspicious or wrong – until you look a little closer. After I had spent a few minutes trying to get in contact with someone I quickly realized that every single profile was private and what was even worse, they all seemed to be bots! In 15 minutes, not a single person answered me instead there were hundreds of singular messages spamming something that would be usual for a roulette site like “GO green”, “Red next roll” or “all in black”.

csgo skins scam site

The thing is that none of the texts fit together, it is just all pure nonsense with one huge orchestra of bots spamming with no conversations between them what so ever. It is easily overseen but as soon as you know it, it is quite blatant since they have done nothing to cover it. It is just the one topic followed up by a completely another topic basically and you will most likely not be able to get contact to anyone else.

There is a lack of posts discussing the legitimacy of and I heavily suspect that they on purpose are removing or hiding these posts. Usually, even for good and popular sites like CSGORoll for an instance, there will still be plenty of negative comments from people who lost fair and square but believes they got scammed. There is absolutely nothing when trying to google about Meanskins however, besides a few promotional Youtube videos there are no Steam comments, Reddit posts or smaller forums discussing the legitimacy of the platform.

Another small thing that might not be too important but still makes me question the service is their many pictures of girls in underwear all over their Twitter account and design on the website. This just seems like a really lowkey shot at getting some extra costumers who are there only for the women and it is honestly not something which should be on a csgo related gambling platform.

The payment system only lets you deposit with either Counter Strike GO skins or real cash through either Freekassa or Bitcoins. While I do not know too much about Freekassa I know for a fact that the main purpose of Bitcoins is to keep everything anonymous which means that any payment cannot be tracked down to a specific individual. This will ensure them to not get correlated with the domain if anybody gets scammed and wants his or her revenge justified.

I checked their reputation with a tool called Scamadviser and they scored exceedingly bad with only 25% while other products within the CSGO gambling scene usually score between 70 and 100 %. This, of course, is a bad sign and is only to confirm my statement that is, in fact, one big scam.

Hopefully, all these accusations are already enough for you to get my point but if not this should do it.

You cannot withdraw!

I tried to withdraw a cheap skin worth only 20 cents or so but it simply would not let me do so. Not because a deposit was required before withdrawing or anything like that – it simply did not do anything. I clicked once and nothing happened, I clicked twice in a row and still no actions, the moment I tapped the withdraw button three times quickly after each another it simply said, “Please wait 5 seconds” and removed the skin from my withdrawal queue. This went on for the next 10 tries and I have yet to receive anything after a night’s waiting time.

Is legit? Vote!

cs go scam betting site


Stay away from this product and use your money elsewhere if you are looking to have just the tiniest chance of even withdrawing something. I have reasons to believe that they are faking giveaways, removing negative posts about their platform, using bots in chat to make it look like other people are online and making the payments untraceable so that that the owners cannot be found.

More importantly is the fact that you cannot withdraw anything which of course is the most crucial thing that should be working. Do not spend your time visiting Meanskins scam roulette.

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6 years ago

I just got scammed by them! One time play, one deposit, one knife and all gone! I have deposited on their website a rare knife “★ StatTrak™ Falchion Knife | Case Hardened (Factory New)” is not an extraordinary knife, but is a rare one.. So i have deposited on their website the knife, after 2-3 roulette games i got banned with the reason that the knife price is wrong with the message to get in touch with the support team for any questions. So after long discussion, i have found from the support team of that my price for… Read more »

6 years ago

Fucking Shit Site

Henk jan
Henk jan
6 years ago
Reply to  Adolf

for some kind of reason i could withdraw