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is lootgrounds com legit? is a PUBG skin based roulette website and it allows users to deposit their PUBG items and try to increase their value before withdrawing new stuff. The site has a clean and nice look, the menu seems to be very similar to the one used by CSGOBounty (our legit review) and parts of it are completely identical, since it is such a little part of the design it is no big deal but worth mentioning. Lootgrounds is pretty new but so are any other gambling services dealing with Players Unknown BattleGrounds as the game itself is quite new compared to a title like CS:GO.

While searching for reviews of the platform, nothing but one worrying post showed up. It was created by a user who claimed to be unfairly treated by the admin and said that his balance was blocked for unknown reasons. The head manager of himself answered the poster and gave a clear explanation to outsiders, something that the original poster seemed to have forgotten to include in his post. The reason for his ban and loss of 40 bucks on-site value was because he had abused the bots for trading.

At the moment the entire PUBG market is very unstable and so, therefore, skins drop and rise in value a lot. This makes it very hard for gambling services to value items correctly and they are therefore very vulnerable to trade abuse. Trade abuse is simplified the abuse of flaws in the pricing of skins, you find something that is highly overpriced, deposit it, find a price that is undervalued and withdraw it for profit. It can be very rewarding but is strictly against the terms of service. Be careful if you try to pull this off as it will result in an immediate ban without further notice.

Besides this little incident, nothing suspicious seems to pop up neither anything correlated with their brand. They seem very legit and even got their own Provably Fair system to let anyone verify each roulette roll to ensure complete safety against fraud or admins riggings the rolls.

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lootgrounds com bonuses promocodes free skins

There are currently 2 ways to get guaranteed free money. The most profitable in short term is our Lootgrounds code CSNINJA which can be redeemed by clicking the Referrals button in the top left corner and typing it in the box that says “Redeem Referral Code”. It will instantaneously give you 50 cents that can be spent as you wish.

lootground com bonus promo code free coins

The second method to gain some free cash added to your Lootground balance is by promoting their service. This can be done by adding their URL to your Steam profile name. This extra feature can be claimed by clicking the bonus button and can be completed daily. Keep in mind they will constantly check your name and you have to remain promoting for twenty-four consecutive hours in order to unlock the bonus. It is only 0.05 credits equaling 5 cents, so it is not a get rich fast method but can help you earn a few extra bucks a month.


pubg gambling skins serviceCurrently, the only featured game mode is ever popular roulette and there is no direct house edge. The profits are gained by offering you worse odds for a roll than its actual chance of hitting and so they are guaranteed profit in the long term. Best shot at making a profit is a few lucky bets and withdrawing as your odds of profiting will only get worse over time.


csgo pubg roulette skins bettingThere are no unique features while checking out but they still have some nice things that are worth mentioning. First and foremost, the chat is super nice and kept nice and tidy by the mods and even the manager, Mike, himself. Everyone can use the chat despite not even depositing however you can get muted for spamming referral codes, violating the rules or being rude towards other users.

The roulette wheel runs nice and smooth and it is possible to mute the sounds if they get too annoying. The shop is filled with everything your heart might desire increasing in value from just a few cents to PlayerUnknown’s Bandana worth a fortune priced at $1090.00.

It is nice to see the big red box implemented directly on top of your withdraw section, it here states that using the website as a trading platform is strictly forbidden and any users breaking this rule will be banned. It is great to see that they act to prevent people from falling into greed and breaking the rules, just to get their balances frozen.

All transactions made on the site are tracked and logged, these can be found using the Transaction History which can be accessed by clicking the Transactions button placed in the top right corner of your screen.


lootgrounds com pros consPros

– The manager is very accessible
– Nice and clean look
– Filled withdraw section
– 50 cents free of charge with code CSNINJA

– Does not offer a unique experience compared to other roulette services

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