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Greenhunt.gg is a pretty new site containing nothing but the roulette game. It is indeed legit and works pretty flawless. There are no reports of scams or missing payouts and everything seems about right. The service has a good integrity and a good reputation. When checking the site on various online rating platforms it scores fairly good compared to other csgo roulettes.

The domain is owned by a person within the US and seems very legit, like there is nothing shady going on. But the founders have been accused of taking parts of Drakemoon’s layout such as the withdrawal system, support system and “Frequently Asked Questions” and it is pretty clear that the founders of Drakemoon, Drakelounge, Drakewing and CSGOStrong also have their part in this new project, although it has not been disclosed on any of Drake social media accounts.

There are much evidence that proves this speculation. In the early days of Greenhunt.gg, the help page actually said “Help @ Drakewing.com” which is a pretty clear statement to me that these sites are probably owned by the same person. Streamers such as m0E who are sponsored by Drakemoon swiftly began to bet on the new platform which indicates this was a part of his sponsorship with the company behind the “Drakes”.

So far there have been no warnings for Greenhunt.gg and they have a nice reputation but it is certainly a little worrying that the same people who made Drakemoon do not disclose that they own this service as well. Especially when you think of the bad reputation Drakemoon had, their withdrawal system was simply the worst and many big YouTubers and Streamers speculated that they did so that people would keep betting until they lose everything instead of withdrawing.

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greenhunt gg bonuses promocode free moneyIf you want to try out Greenhunt yourself, I highly recommend you to try out our code CSNINJA which will reward you with 1000 credits added to your online balance on the platform. The 1000 credits equals $1 so there is a good chance you might win some nice skins. Please remember that you have to deposit $2 or 2000 credits in order to be able to withdraw.

Please be aware that it is very rare they have any skin in stock worth less than $20’ish so it is not really worth it to deposit money if you still won’t be able to actually withdraw a better skin. Besides using the promo code you can login daily (every 24 hours) and click the “Daily Bonus” tab. As soon as the counter hits 0 h. 0 min. 0 s. the spin button will be revealed and you can spin once. The daily bonus is not very good compared to other sites and it is quite common to get between only 1 – 5 cents.



greenhunt gg fees commissions house edgeGreenhunt.gg does not have any additional margins on their roulette game except the odds favors the site as with any other gambling service. They do however, take fees on their deposit and withdrawal system. They do not disclose the exact percentage they take but basically the skin you deposit will reward you with less than the actual costs of the item in their shop. I am not sure if this is simply to make some extra profit or not but I believe it is to avoid people from using their service as a trading platform instead of betting.


csgo roulette games skinsIn order to unlock the chat you need to bet at least $100 or 100.000 in credits. This can both be a good and a bad feature. For those who do not intend to gamble a lot of money, this can be quite annoying since it means they will not be able to chat with the other online users. For the high rollers who bet crazy amounts all day, this can be pretty nice since it means less people with low balances begging in chat for money. It can be quite a harsh feature but certainly makes the chat more smooth and nice being in.

Besides that, there are no really any other unique features to write about. Greenhunt.gg is a pretty straight forward CSGO roulette based platform with a lot of its design copied directly from certain sites like Drakewing. Compared to other gambling websites they are actually quite active on Facebook which is certainly unique. Most services operate on Twitter only but they do giveaways and riddle on both Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


greenhunt gg pros consPros
–    Nice and smooth design
–    Clean and helpful chat
–    Many expensive skins in the store
–    $1 from code 832493, more than usual

–    You have to bet 100 $ in order to use chat
–    You need to deposit $2 to withdraw
–    Store lacks a lot of smaller skins, almost never items priced lower than $20 can be found
–    Big parts of the design taken from other templates
–    Same owners as Drakemoon but not fully disclosed

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