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Although csgotune.com seems safe at first glance, that’s not exactly true. Just like many other csgo betting websites, there are some reports that the service is a scam designed to sap away people’s money. It’s worth mentioning however that because of how small the platform is in terms of popularity and usage, a number of reports aren’t that high. This makes it somewhat difficult to judge fairly because it’s uncertain whether csgotune is unpopular because it’s a scam or if it simply doesn’t have a huge following because people don’t know it.

The website’s built-in chat has a low amount of users, ranging from 150 to 200 which certainly doesn’t bode well. Just looking at the chat itself, it’s filled with people speaking their native language. There doesn’t seem to be any purpose or meaning behind the chat, other than it serving a wall of text where people can write whatever they want. There are rules written down about what can or can’t be done in chat but with the moderators and admins not being active, those rules aren’t being followed. For example, one rule is that begging for money isn’t allowed in the chat yet there are occurrences of people doing exactly that.

The website itself isn’t really made properly. Certain things are not written right and the design is rather lazy and uninspiring. While normally this wouldn’t be an issue, a poorly made service with a low amount of users and a non-existent support staff doesn’t do itself any good by having such a lazy design. In fact, it’s a green light that the csgotune.com is more than likely not legit and exists solely for the purpose of deceiving people.

It’s also worth mentioning that when googling the URL, it is basically non-existent on the search engine. There’s barely any information or reviews written. All of the above that was mentioned, coupled with the platform being hard to research is a clear indicator that either the website is a scam or it simply has issues that drive people away from it.

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csgotune com bonus free money promocode

Technically speaking they do not offer any free bonuses. What they do offer is your typical referral program. The way it works is that everyone has a referral code. If you are given a referral code by someone, upon registering with the code you will get 50 coins. And vice-versa if you give someone your own code and they register with it, they will receive 50 coins while you will receive 25 for referring them to the website. If you want to get a free bonus, then don’t hesitate to use our CSGOtune referral code 76561197984659068 and support us as well.

csgotune com bonus promo code free coins

Certainly a very easy and straightforward referral system. Very uninspiring though and the fact that the service doesn’t effort any other bonuses or perks is a down for them. There are other websites that offer nice bonuses and have more to offer as a whole. The least this service can do to attract more users is to offer better bonuses that will gain people’s interest.


csgotune com fees commissions house edge

The minimum amount you can bet on csgotune is 10 coins for the Roulette and Dice games. While for the Jackpot and Coinflip games it’s 100 coins. In all honesty that’s not too good. There are platforms that allow you to bet with much less than that. The winning odds however are standard and while nothing special, they’re not bad either.

This however sadly contributes even more to the lack of interest in the website. While not having any redeemable qualities, you would expect that the least csgotune can do is offer slightly increased winning odds. But that is not the case as their winning odds while not bad are pretty much the same as most other betting platform for CSGO.


cs go roulette dice games

Sadly, but his is the category where they are lacking the most. The website offers absolutely no unique features. There’s 4 types of games, a standard referral system, normal withdrawal and deposit system and a built-in chat room. All of this can be found in pretty much any other csgo gambling site. Very much a disappointment from csgotune considering they don’t have many users to begin with. Attracting more of them won’t happen unless they can make themselves stand out more. Having 0% uniqueness only hurts the service and won’t contribute towards its growth.


csgotunes com pros cons


  • Easy to use and understand, playing is very simple and straightforward
  • Decent referral system
  • Winning odds are fine


  • No unique features whatsoever
  • Built-in chat is mostly useless with the rules not being followed and people speaking in any language they want to
  • Non-existent support staff
  • Lack of users and interest in the website
  • Very likely to be a scamming service designed to deceive people
  • Minimum amounts required for betting are not good at all
  • A deposit is required in order to use the chat in the first place
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