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The general opinion for csgoroll.com is that the website is decent when comparing it to other CS:GO gambling services. Its reputation seems decent with very little complaints. There have been a few reports of users randomly losing all of their money, being unable to withdraw or being the victim of another user withdrawing from their balance.

Although those are pretty serious scamming possibilities, I haven’t stumbled upon many complaints myself while looking into the website. As with any betting platform, there’s bound to be at least some reports of scamming or violations. However, the low amount of negative reviews on csgoroll.com are certainly a bonus and it looks like it is legit.

On average it seems like the site has around 600-700 users online which is a decent number. Users are active in the built-in chat. The support staff is also reportedly fast when responding to users. In the case of someone not receiving their withdrawal, they have given said user their winnings back into their account.

Certainly, a good thing as not all CS:GO gambling websites have the best support crew. However, it should be noted that not every feedback received about them is good. In some cases, people have complained that the staff has been unable to assist them probably because they wouldn’t know what to do or how to handle the case.

When it comes to the deposit and withdrawal systems, the deposit one seems fairly good and easy to use. When it comes to the withdrawal one, as mentioned above there have been some instances where users are unable to withdraw or have their winnings withdrawn by another user. And in extreme cases, users have reported that they have lost all of their items and their money.

Additionally, it would appear that withdrawing or depositing is delayed sometimes. Although the website does use the steam guard authorization, at times it is slow and it can take up to 24 or 48 hours to complete any deposits or withdrawals. This is all certainly worrying and anyone using csgoroll should be cautious.

All in all the service has a decent reputation and for the most part appears safe. However, people who want to use this platform should be careful when withdrawing their winnings and in the case that a problem arises, the support staff have a good track record of helping their users.

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csgoroll com bonus free coins promocode

Csgoroll offers the option of creating your own promo code. Once a user registers using that code, they will get 0.5 coins in their wallet within 24 hours of registering. And you will get and affiliate commission based off of how many referrals you have. Simply put you are able to give people free coins and in exchange for doing that and bringing more people to the website you are rewarded with a commission that gets higher as you invite more people here.

A pretty simple and easy to understand system which benefits both parties. If you do not have an account created here, then feel free to use our csgoroll code: esportsninja to give us some respect. Although it should be worth mentioning that in order to get a good commission you have to invite a lot of people. So basically the website will reward you if you can bring in a lot of people but that will take a lot of time and effort as a total of 200 referrals will earn you a Gold commission which is 15%.

cs go skins betting site


csgoroll com house edge commissions fees

Betting on csgoroll.com is actually very easy because the minimum required is 0.01 coins for every possible game. The winning odds for each game seem to be the same compared to other services. For example, the roulette here has standard winning odds when compared to websites such as CS:GOCasino or CS:GOPolygon. It should be noted however that in order to withdraw your winnings, you need to spend 80% of your deposit first.


counter strike skins items bets

CS:GO Roll doesn’t appear to have any special features. Everything is pretty straightforward. The Crash, Roulette and Dice games are easy to understand and bet on. All of them have a minimum bet of 0.01 which is quite good for people who want to start small.

The affiliates system is the only thing that can be considered somewhat unique however it’s not exclusive to CS:GO Roll. Other than that the platform is your standard CS:GO gambling website with no complications or any special cool features that only it provides.


csgoroll com pros cons


  • Very minimal amount required for betting
  • Active built-in chat
  • Solid affiliates system that enables you to get a good commission if you are able to invite enough people with your promo code
  • Simple and easy to play games
  • Support staff has a good reputation of assisting their users (though not 100% good)


  • Reports of users losing their items/money. Not the most secure website
  • Withdrawal requires you to gamble 80% of your deposit
  • No unique or interesting features
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