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cs go legit betting site

 CSGOPolygon.com is a pretty new CSGO gambling service. Along with the opportunity to gamble on matches, they also have a roulette style game and a coinflip. According to the website, they use the “Provably Fair” method to guarantee that the odds of winning are truly random. This is to ensure that the games are fair for everyone who plays. They post the algorithm on the site, along with a way to test each roll if you would like to verify that it was truly random and using the provably fair system if you wish to do so.

According to Trust Pilot, this is a service that has only received 4 total reviews, 2 good and 2 bad from users. The 2 negative ones left both claim that they deposited their skins and then never received the items or coins they were supposed to. One of the users who left a review stated that CSGOPolygon.com is not legit and it took 8 months before even replying to his support ticket about his missing balance and at that point, they still refused to refund him his money.

The two positive reviews did not elaborate on anything, with one of them simply giving a promotional code, which would also be their referral link, so trusting the positive feedbacks is not easy.

On Scam Advisor, service also received mixed opinions, with 3 of the reviews being negative and only 2 being positive. Again, the positive ones do not tell much at all, while the negative reviews go into detail about how either skins or coins were never delivered as promised.

Scam Advisor, itself, warns that CSGOPolygon.com is a website that should be approached with caution. The reasons they give include the country of origin, the owner of the domain has hidden their name, the use of free email services as the business contact information and also because the domain is less than a year old. Alexa ranks the website at 25,775, giving it a lot of traffic.

Within the Steam community forums, it again has mixed reviews with no real details on the positive mentions and very great detail within all of the negative mentions it receives. In short, if you want to give it a try, be very wary of what you deposit until you are sure one way or another about the legitimacy.

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csgopolygon com bonus free coins skins promocode

This service offers both promo code and bonus codes. Promo codes can be found online and are usually spammed by users on different sites and social media platforms. The bonus codes can be found from time to time when Polygon posts them within the forums or on their website itself.
Here is a working CSGOPolygon.com Promo code to use; Typing in ESPORTSNINJA will get you $0.50 added to your account.

csgopolygon com bonus promo code free coins


csgopolygon com fees commissions house edge

This service does not charge fees for depositing, withdrawing or betting on matches. Playing the dice game is also free. The coinflip game will incur a 5% fee for each flip you make.

They do pay you credits if you refer people to the site. Every time someone that you refer makes a wager, you will get credits depending on how much the total amount they wagered is. So, they will pay fees to you if you want to send your friends to play here.


cs go skins betting site legit

CSGOPolygon.com has 3 different styles of wagering available: roulette, coinflip and betting on CSGO pro matches. In order to get coins to gamble with, you have to deposit skins from your CSGO inventory on Steam. You are essentially selling your items for coins that can only be used to gamble with and then to buy skins back from their store once you have won some money.

They require that you wager at least half of a number of coins you receive from deposits before you are allowed to use your funds to buy items from their store. They call this the anti-trading policy and it is in place to prevent users from simply selling off items in the hopes of just buying discounted stuff from the CSGOPolygon.com store.

They have full integration with Steam, so you can view your inventory right from the gambling page and decide what skins to deposit in exchange for your coins. All bets on the roulette-style game are entered within a time period and then they roll the wheel. You are able to see a graphical representation of the process and the winning numbers are shown in real time to everyone. The coinflip is played alone and the match bets are obviously paid when the match is occurring.

There is a live chat box where you can speak with other players while on the site. They also display the total number of users that are currently online just below the chat box. As betting occurs, you are able to see what everyone else is wagering on, and then you can join the fray. There is only a 20 second period between each roll of the wheel and it lasts approximately 5 seconds.


csgopolygon com pros cons


  • Full integration with your Steam Account and CS:GO Inventory
  • Provably fair wagering system is in use to guarantee random results
  • Easy to use interface
  • Ability to use your inventory as gambling coins
  • Opportunity to earn free coins by completing offers


  • Very slow support ticketing system
  • No way to communicate with other users privately
  • Online shop for new CS:GO items is really expensive
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6 years ago

I have used CSGOPolygon since over a year and still rocking it.
Everything works as it should, my account never got banned or frozen, definitely the ‘safest’ website in my opinion.

6 years ago

they are scammar, a friend deposited 5$ skins , then they asked for a 10$ deposit . LOL !
scammed the skins .
Please it’s an advice not to buy or trade or deposit anything from random sites or people .
Instead save your money, buy steam wallet cards if you dont have paypal or debit card.
Stay safe .!