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legit cs go skins betting site

CSGOLoto.com is in no way connected to CSGOLotto.com besides their names being quite the same. The platform with the two “tt” in the URL is a whole other thing and pretty much the biggest csgo scam scandal and the one that causes Valve to shut down most gambling platforms at the time being. Today’s examinee is a very different case but it is most certainly neither the most trustworthy out there. There are many signs, reports, and evidence of multiple scams, frauds and other stuff going on with the company.

The webpage itself looks somewhat okay but there are simply so many incidents that I cannot advise you to deposit money to their service. A redditor by the name of ellion1337 who made a reddit post, in which he links a screenshot of some coinflips. The person has opened his developer tool in which he then shows that the 4 biggest current coinflips currently online are made by the admin just using different Steam accounts.

This seems pretty shady and shows that CSGOloto.com is not legit. The admin is never allowed to play using his own service and already there your alarms should be ringing. Like that is not enough the admin uses multiple fake Steam accounts to bet on his own gambling platform and if you check his steam profile today, it is private. Already by seeing this information I can say very confidently that you should NEVER play on this platform with your own money, there is simply no way to explain the behavior of this admin besides him rigging the odds.

Like this is not bad enough the domain scores a whopping 39 % safe on scamadviser which is insanely low. Normally csgo gambling platforms have around 85-100 % safety here while CSGOLoto.com scores a devastating 39 %. One of the reasons it is so low is because the owner of the domain hosts it through a company that ensures his privacy and there are no official signs of him on the internet. He can pretty much do whatever he wants to without ever being connected to CSGOLoto.com in real life.

As you can see by now, there is some very worrying evidence against the site and a user on HLTV confirms this in a post about the safety of using the platform. He tells that after depositing a knife, he got banned for no reason whatsoever and was unable to perform any actions on the site because of the ban. He quickly logged into the site from another steam account and told the support what had happened. Without any help given nor any information they instantly banned his 2nd account and he has never gotten back his knife.

If all the other evidence did not convince you, that should be it. After all these incidents, I simply cannot come to any other conclusion than the person behind the service rigging the odds for his own benefits and stealing the users’ credits and skins. Please, do not deposit your own valuable skins to their inventory – there are platforms out there with a way better reputation.

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csgoloto com bonus free money promocodeIf you decide to try out the platform anyways I greatly advise you to play only with the free credits given by the site. You can enter our CSGOloto code csgolegit to get 200 credits and join their steam group to get another 150 credits. Each day you can earn up to 365 credits, this requires you to log into the page every 1 hour to claim the hourly bonus. Besides the hourly bonus, you can daily claim credits for having their domain name in your steam tag and using a picture of their logo as your steam profile picture.

csgoloto com bonus promo code free coins


csgo skins betting gamesThe site has no very unique features besides their very rewarding promotion system. It is a very basic gambling platform with the usual games Coinflip, Jackpot and Roulette. The roulette looks a little different from the usual ones: the numbers jump around in a box until one jumps in a certain spot and is determined as the winning number for that round. Besides that, there are no special features to be found.


csgoloto com fees commissions gouse edgeThere is no real house edge on the platform and the way they profit from their users is by giving them bad odds.


csgoloto com pros consPros

  • Very rewarding promotion system


  • Disturbingly many reports of various scams
  • The admin plays on his own domain using fake steam profiles
  • The owner’s privacy is held secret and so he can in no way be held responsible for any frauds with CSGOLoto.com
  • The FAQ is bad and not updated properly, it states that every user gets 500 credits for using a promo code while it is only 200 credits
  • Their support system is horrible and not very helpful

There are no one playing with more than a few bucks which indicate that no one with a respectable inventory ever deposits nor play on the site. It seems like people only bet with the free money granted by the system.

To conclude this whole review, I cannot stress this enough. Do not deposit your own skins, in case anything goes wrong there is a very little chance that the support service will actually be helpful and you will most likely just lose your skins. CSGOLoto simply has such a bad reputation and so many evidence against it.

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6 years ago

scam… i reached $60 with coinflips and daily coins… after 2 days ban

5 years ago
Reply to  Dito


5 years ago

Well, i just deposited 200$ I am at 150$ . i wanna cri

Diogo Oliveira
Diogo Oliveira
5 years ago

i have deposited one nova | Hyper Beast FN