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cs go skins betting review

 The general consensus around is that the website itself is safe but it has garnered quite a lot of negative reviews from users. The service has a low pagerank on Google and not a lot of mentions or shares on social media such as Twitter or Facebook. The negative reviews stem from the fact that a lot of users have been reportedly scammed by the website. Whether it’s having their winning locked down or being unable to withdraw until winning a high amount of money, doesn’t seem to have the best reputation in the slightest.

The help received from the support staff here doesn’t seem great either. Users have reported that when they tried to reach out to the admins or mods, they would get vague responses at best. Either they would get ignored or when they do get a response, it would make next to no sense. One such report was from a guy that had his withdraw of skins worth a lot of money locked. When reaching out to the support crew, he was informed that he used a “maliciously used pricing bug” and had been permanently banned because of it.

This left the user confused because he didn’t even know what that term meant. While it’s possible that the claims from the support staff are justified and maybe the user did do something wrong, he is still owed a proper and more detailed explanation on why he is banned and if there’s any way in which his ban can be lifted. But the response he got from the admin is very vague and barely provides him with any of the information that he is owed as a user of the website.

There are around 2000 users online on average which is not a bad number but not a good one either. Clearly, itself is safe and it doesn’t pose any danger in terms of viruses and account security. However, the scamming reports and lackluster help from the support staff are highly suspicious and anyone using this service should only do so with the utmost caution.

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csgofast com bonuses free coins skins

There are four ways of getting bonuses on the website. The first one is to add “CSGOFAST.COM” to your Steam nickname which will increase your winnings by 5%. The second is the Freebie option when clicking the Free Coins button. This will give you 10 free daily coins. Next up is the referral option where you invite friends to the website and get bonuses from each referral. Simply use our promo code 24perj to get some extra coins! And the final option is doing quests which involve performing specific tasks and winning prizes by accomplishing them.

csgofast bonus free coins


csgofast com fee commission house edge

As stated by multiple users, takes a 5%-10% tax on all winnings. This is obviously bad considering there’s more efficient csgo betting websites out there like csgolounge that won’t take a cut from the winnings. The minimum amount used for betting on csgofast varies depending on the selected game. The Classic Game requires a minimum of $2.5 in order to place a bet. The Fast Game requires anywhere from 1$-10$. And the Double game requires you to exchange skins for coins which are used to place a bet.

Compared to other gaming platforms while csgofast doesn’t require you to bet a whole lot, there are simply better options if you wish to start your betting with small amounts and work your way up. Not to mention the cut they take from the winnings is not that small in comparison to other csgo betting websites.


csgo skins bets guide

One small feature that they offer is the Steam Inventory Helper (S.I.H) which is a free-based extension to help you organize your inventory more easily. This is not a feature exclusive to csgofast but it is offered by them due to their partnership with S.I.H. Another feature is the ability to purchase skins from the store with coins in your account. These are the same coins that are used for the Double Game roulette. Although it’s worth mentioning that buying skins with coins is pricey and a lot of them are required to purchase high quality skins.

csgofast com pros cons cs go skins


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Nice design
  • Fun game modes


  • Lackluster service from support staff
  • High tax on winnings
  • Re-occurring problems with withdrawals
  • Not the lowest amounts for minimum bets
  • Bad reputation across social media and forums
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5 years ago

I withdraw ak-48 emerald pinstripe and it cost on site 1,70$ put on steam market its 1,30$ wtf?