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 It’s important for a player like you to know if CSGOExclusive website is legit or scam. At Steam community, I was looking for some opinions from other users regarding this website’s legitimacy. Most of them say that it’s scam just like any other CS:GO betting sites out there. If this is a scam service, then why is it that so popular and there are still tons of users who are playing with this one?

I also checked videos on Youtube with the different reviews and strategies to win. There are mixed opinions from there. The reason why some guys say it’s a scam because of few reasons like losing their money on betting, cheating the system, or there are competitors who want to convince others to try their own services.

I’ve found another complaint from a guy who claimed that CSGOExclusive is a scam. It’s under the off-topic forum of, where he said that he deposited a skin worth 70 coins. In the end, it was not credited to him because their bots were not available at that moment. He warned everyone that deposits may not be credited into respective balance. For me, maybe he deposited while site maintenance was ongoing or minutes before it happened.

On the Leakforums there’s one user named Kirua Zoldick said that we should “AVOID THE FREE $5 SITE” because depositing the item means that you’re going to lose money and may only get some boost for that. In addition, he said that for every 50,000 coin bet, you’re only going to get a 1,000 coin boost. Kirua stated that he has 47,000 coins in his account. Due to their so-called policies, while depositing an item, he only had 728 coins left with a total loss of 46,272. As a result, he was frustrated about his big loss of coins after depositing that item he bought. There are those who agree with him, but there are others who think that he’s just a competitor’s agent.

Now with the scam cases like these exist on the net, it discourages other people to use this service for good. However, if they claim that this is a scam, then why is it that the community is still growing? Why are some old players still betting their money here? Why are some CSGO Youtube channels recommending this service with their tips and tricks? And some sources recognizing this site as reliable and trusted?

I would say that CSGOExclusive is absolutely legit for me. No matter what the critics say, this service is still growing with happy customers on board. No questions asked.

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As of today, there’s a Referral code that could give you $5 for a head start like ESPORTSNINJA. However, these test coins aren’t real ones. But you can get 1,000 real free coins from them if you have wagered at least 50,000 worth of test ones. On top of that, you can receive additional 100 bonus money if you will enable notifications coming from this platform.

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csgoexclusive com fee commissions house edge

When it comes to house edge on the roulette system, it seems that it’s kind of high in a fair way for CSGoExclusive. The good thing here is that they have a system which is Provably fair like other betting sites that I have tried such as Bitsler and Primedice (although they’re not related to CSGO). Even that the house edge is fairly high, this does not mean that this CS:GO Roulette is a fraud. As what I have said earlier, the legitimacy of this service is no question.


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International chat room

They have a chat room divided into 3 languages (English, Russian and Turkish) where you can interact with other players online. However, there is a possibility that they might add more languages in the near future (only if they are going to adjust their entire interface).

4 betting options

There are four different gambling options you can choose from. Out of all the colors you choose, the gray one is the safest of them all. It will give you a 50% chance to win a double amount. The red one will only give you 33% chance of winning by giving back 3 times the amount. If you are a risk taker (or you have enough funds to manage risks), you can try on the blue option that will give you a 20% chance of winning and multiply 5 times the bet. The riskiest color of them all is gold (only if you feel you’re lucky enough to win and get back 50 times the bet), and it’s a very low chance that you are going to hit this one.

State-of-the-art inventory section

This is just a quick overview of what you’ve bought from the shop when you have enough credits and the value of each skin. Their exchange rate is $1 = 1,000 coins.

Referral codes

When a referral signs up using your code, he/she will receive 5,000 test coins. As for the owner of the referral code, you will get 100 real coins as a reward.

Send coins to your friend, stranger, etc.

If a friend of yours is in need of coins, there’s a feature that you can send any amount you want. No matter if it’s your friend, foe, or stranger, you can send as much as you want unless you’re running out of funds. They also implement a strict policy for “beggars”.

Withdraw section and restrictions

When you decide to withdraw, you’ll be entering a shop with CSGO items such as AWP Dragon Lore, AWP Medusa and a lot more. However, for you to qualify for withdrawal, they have implemented a withdrawal restriction that lets you bet a certain amount of skins that were deposited. The purpose of this restriction is to avoid any trading exchange which was used by other related sites.


csgoexclusive com pros cons

The deposit and withdraw system is flawless

There is no problem for you to deposit and withdraw with them. To begin you should own a CSGO and your Steam Profile should be in Public mode. Their verification process is just one time, and your deposit and withdrawal transactions would be smooth via Steam platform.

They have their own social media accounts

To stay updated with their latest news and features, they have their own social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter posted on the upper left side just below the logo.


Slow customer service response

It’s essential for any website to have a reliable customer service. There are some services out there who are having live chat window for you to ask help from them immediately. Unfortunately, CSGOExclusive doesn’t have this feature. There is no way for you to ask help than contacting them via email. It will take them days to respond to you via email due to their influx of messages every day. I think they would do something to make responses faster one day.

You need a VPN if you’re from the United States or the United Kingdom

This is bad news for the US and UK residents. They ban any IP address that comes from these countries. However, there’s a loophole by just using a VPN software like HMA (Hide My Ass) by paying a monthly subscription.


There you have it, folks! I hope you like my review about CSGOExclusive. Take note that this review of mine is based on my own experience, and it’s totally up to you if you’re going to give this a shot or not. Have a nice day!

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