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csgo legit skins betting site
I have used the site for a long time and I can with no doubt confirm that it is legit. There are absolutely no reasons to think this service is in any way rigged or scamming their users. There has never been a problem what so ever, their withdrawals always work, the store is filled with nice looking skins and there never occurs any problems with their deposits.

Personally, I think they have one of the best designs out there, it is just clean and good looking. Something I also like a lot about them is how simple they keep things, the page is so clear with just the roulette, withdrawal and deposit tab – not so much fancy stuff. I know for a fact their support is great, I have a few friends who work there and they are always really friendly, also they reply really fast.

As for the legit aspect of CSGOEmpire I feel like there is no more to be said really, it is a very popular site sponsoring a lot of popular users and there have never been any incidents of people getting scammed. Of course always be aware of impersonators and fake trade offers. Unfortunately, CSGO gambling platforms cannot do anything about it but if you are always aware of you trade offers you should be good.

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csgoempire com bonus promocode free coinsCSGOEmpire offers a one-time referral code for any users signing into the site for their first time. Use code esportsninja to get yourself 0,5$ with which you can gamble around for free. Besides offering all new users a free 50 cents you can daily login and click the “Daily Gift” tab. You will probably just get 1 cent which is nothing, frankly speaking, but you do have the chance to get yourself an AWP Dragon Lore which is pretty crazy. The chances of getting this is of course insanely low and they show who won it the last time, usually, there are 2 or 3 winners per month so that’s pretty sick.

csgoempire com bonus promo code free coins
csgoempire com fees commissions house edgeThis service takes no house edge what so ever and never will since they only have roulette game it would make absolutely no sense to put house edge since that’s normally only for jackpot or coinflips. If you do believe CSGOEmpire took any of your profits or in any way rigged the roll against you, you can always check their provably fair system to confirm any given roll you may feel like.


cs go skins gambling siteThey have some cool features one of them being the “Apply to be a moderator!” option. Basically, if you spend a lot of time on the site and are friendly in the chat, helping out people, maybe you want to be a mod. Mods are being paid on the hourly basis and their job is to keep the chat clean and be helpful. CSGOEmpire always has at least 1 mod in the chat and often 2 depending on when you are online. They have great mods and personally, I think that they have one of the best communities out there, people are always very friendly.

If you believe you fulfil the requirements for a mod, you might consider sending them a mail through the “Apply to be a mod!” tab and hope for the best. I know a guy who used to be mod on both CSGOEmpire and CSGOAtse (he is mod for CSGORoll now). He told me that they only respond to the serious applications. Basically, if this sounds interesting to you and you decide to go for it, please do yourself the favor to send a serious application instead of trying to be a little goofy or something. Of course, this is a little insider tip so do not share with others, please.

One thing they do not have here is transferring coins from one account to another, please note this when using their website. I recently spoke with a guy who told me he got from the 0,5 $ given by the promo code to 100 $. Unfortunately, his luck turned around and since his account was VAC-banned the money was locked on the balance. I was told by my “insider source” that CSGOEmpire does not and will not in the future transfer ANY coins from one account to another under ANY circumstances so please be aware of this.

As I mentioned earlier, this service has one of the nicest chats and the main reason is that they have a dedicated room for predictions. That way all people who want to call the result of the next roll, will be banned in the main chat and be told to make forecasts in the proper chat. This means for the rest of us, we can enjoy a nice chat with no spam or anything like that. Of course, it is also not allowed to beg here since this is often very annoying for the most users.

CSGOEmpire has 3 version of their platform. They have their new design which in my opinion is the smoothest, you can choose to have the background either white or black by clicking the Night / Day mode in the top left corner. A secret here not everyone knows is that you can actually use the old version of the site if you might like this better or simply feel a little nostalgic. Since this is a bit of a secret, there are no places where the site is telling you this and you cannot actually click anywhere to see it. If you want to use it, you need to add /legacy to the end of the URL. This will take you to the original old school version.


csgoempire com pros consPros

  • Nice design
  • Active mods
  • Great support system


  • There is a max bet for the each game, not relevant for the most users
  • The shop is sometimes a little empty but gets refilled at least once a day with great skins
  • For those who like many game modes, CSGOEmpire only offers a roulette
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6 years ago

Worst site I have been on.
I have deposited an item, received 55$ of coins, withdrew 30$ worth of items and my account is BANNED for abusing their trade system.

5 years ago

Worst site I have been on.
I have deposited an item, received 60 of coins got 170 from their and my account is BANNED for abusing their trade system.