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legit cs go betting site

This is a platform that allows you to use your CSGO skins as a way to gamble. The website has an Alexa rating of 96,199 making it a fairly popular service that receives a good amount of traffic. They do have integration with Steam for logging in and for being able to view and manipulate your CSGO Inventory right from the web page.

Scam Advisor shows CSGODouble.gg as a safe platform with a warning because the website is new. The domain name is only 242 days old. The owner of the domain is listed publicly, which is always a good sign. This CS:GO roulette game has no users’ reviews on Scam Advisor. The service operates from the United States and all of the nameserver information is also publicly listed.

Scam Analyze rates CSGO Double in several areas, beginning with safe for browsing status. They are also HTTPS Secure, meaning that they are using the proper encryption methods to ensure that any data transmitted to them is safe from prying eyes. Scam Analyze also reports that CSGODouble.gg have had 2,724 shares on Facebook and 2 on Google+. They have no activity on Twitter, StumbleUpon or Pinterest. Scam Analyze has no user comments for this service as well.

Within the Steam community, the sentiments run much the same. CSGO Double is said to be reliable and trustworthy, but new. There are the normal complaints about it costing too much and not getting enough in return, but these complaints are expected and commonplace in any industry. They have a Steam level 131, a public profile and no bans at all.

The conclusion seems to be that CSGODouble.gg is a trustworthy site. It is just a newer CSGO Skins wagering service. However, with all gaming platforms, you should always be careful and if you have any doubts, stop and find out.

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csgodouble gg bonuses free money promocodeThis service does not have the regular bonus codes you find with most websites. Their promo codes are all related to affiliates. It will be really appreciated if you will use our CSGODouble.gg promo code CSGONINJA in order to support our reviewing activity. (You will also get a free bonus, so this is a win-win situation).

After joining, you can also choose to become an affiliate and earn free coins for use on the site by referring people to their platform. When someone joins after clicking your link or entering the promo code you provide to them, you will receive coins every time they make a wager. There are different levels of affiliate status, each being based on a number of referrals and coins wagered by those referrals. To begin with, you will get 1 free coin every time one of your referrals wagers 300 coins.

To move from the first level, which is the bronze to the second one, called the Silver level, you need to refer 50 people to the site and they must place at least one wager of any size. The promocode that you give to people is customizable, meaning you get to create it yourself and can change it anytime you wish from the affiliates tab in your account.

They also have daily giveaways for anyone who appends their name to your Steam name. By applying this, you are automatically entered into several daily giveaways that feature free coins, Skins and other perks available only to those who wish to join.

csgodouble gg bonuses promo code free coins


csgodouble fees commissions house edgeCSGODoubble.gg does not collect fees directly from their users. Instead, they use the house edge to earn a profit. To put it simply, the house edge is the amount of luck that is removed from the roulette spins and given to the house as a chance at winning. While it is more in depth than that, it is the same concept as is used in other casinos, both online and brick and mortar wagering venues.

This means that it does not cost you anything to play, other than your wagers. The house edge is not guaranteed for the house, as a player may beat it, but it is unlikely.


cs go skins bets CSGODouble.gg features a direct integration with your Steam account. By tying your account to their platform, you will be able to deposit skins in exchange for credits directly from your account page. You can view your entire Steam inventory. This makes it easy to play the roulette, as well as ensuring that your skins get credited back upon winning without ever leaving the website.

The roulette game, which is provably fair, is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. To play, simply choose your number choices: 1 to 7, 0 or 8-14 and watch the roll. Place your bet and you can even see what everyone else is betting. The spin happens live on the screen and it is not a long interval between rolls, which keeps the game moving along at a nice pace.

They also have a chat screen built right into the home page, with the game interface, allowing you to chat with other players if you wish. You can even use the chat area to send coins to other players and make deals while you are gambling.


csgodouble pros cons

  • Full integration with Steam Inventory
  • Interactive interface allowing for a level of entertainment and excitement
  • Daily giveaways and prizes
  • Lucrative affiliate program for earning free coins


  • Newer website with few members
  • Time between dice rolls is longer than expected
  • No real feedback from actual users exists as to the site’s reputation
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