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cs go legit gambling skins

This is a very popular site sponsoring big YouTubers such as Bean and TCK. There are no real evidence or serious reports of scams or missing payouts and the services scores great on different fraud advising services like Scamadviser with great safety. The platform has a great reputation and has never been accused of scamming its users.

There is on-site “Fairness” system with which you can calculate every roll on the service to verify each and every Jackpot, Crash, Raffle, Roulette, Sweeper and Dice round. As mentioned CSGOBounty sponsors a lot of YouTubers and is very active on social medias, Twitter for the most. They host several giveaways on Twitter with screenshot uploaded to prove that the winner gets his skins.

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csgobounty com bonuses promocode free money
There are plenty ways to earn some free money on CSGOBounty, one of them is entering our code esportsninja by clicking the “Free Coins” tab in the upper right corner and typing it in. It will reward you with $0.5 to play around on the site yourself and eventually withdraw whatever you win. You do not have to deposit before withdrawing so you can always withdraw when you want to.

csgobounty com promo code bonus free coins

Referral codes are certainly not the only way to earn some money on the platform and can only be used once. If you have subscribed to any of their sponsored streamers you might get the chance to find more codes. They usually give the player $0.2 and can be achieved in many ways. The 2 most common ways to get one is by either following CSGOBounty on Twitter since they post codes there from time to time. Another way is to watch their sponsored streamers since they sometimes get codes from Bounty to give out to their viewers on stream.

Besides various forms of codes, they sometimes host free to enter raffles. Simply click the “Raffle” button and you will be directed to that part of the website. It is not always that a free raffle is available but when it is – I highly recommend you to take part in it.

The last way to win some money for free is by participating in their giveaways on Twitter. The giveaways on Twitter usually varies from $100 – 500 either in skins or bounty balance but sometimes they do special contests up till 5 grand.


csgobounty com fees house edge commissionsThere are a few house edges taken here. The first is on “jackpot” where they take between 3 – 4 % of the total pot. They disclose that the winner gets 96 % and in case he has CSGOBounty.com in his steam nick, he will get 97 %.

The odds on the other services are certainly against you. Dice gives you quite some bad odds and they restrict around 5 % of probabilities giving you very limited space to win the multiplier you aim for. I wouldn’t recommend betting on dice or any given gambling service in the long term, as this would undeniable end as a loss. The odds will always be against you which is why it is only possible to earn big money in the short term rather than long term.

Besides their gambling services CSGOBounty also takes fees on their deposit and withdrawal system. A skin you deposit is a little underpriced and when you want to withdraw the exact same item in their store, it is going to be heavily overprice compared to the balance you were credited for it.

I believe this is to keep people away who intends to use it as a trading service and maybe also keep people betting since they don’t want to pay more for the skins. Please don’t fall into this trap, if you have won some money don’t hesitate to withdraw even if it is a bit overpriced. It is only time that will determine when you are going to lose if you don’t ever withdraw your winnings but keep on betting them.


cs go legit betting skinsCSGOBounty has plenty of nice features available for their users counting their various games and on site features such as “Transactions” and “Fairness”. Transactions just show you all your deposits and withdrawals with the site and it is a nice feature for a quick overview. It can be very useful especially if you want to know if your withdrawals exceed your deposits putting you in profit.

The “Fairness” is just an equation which can verify the roll of each game, as soon as the round hash has been disclosed (usually just after winner has been determined). The platform is very nice towards its Russian users offering them a chat for themselves and unique giveaways on the VK (Russian version of Facebook), where they do giveaways such as AWP | Dragon Lore and other very expensive stuff.


csgobounty com pros consPros

  • Nice template overall
  • Various game modes
  • Many ways to earn free credits
  • Very friendly towards their Russian users


  • A lot of fees on both games and deposit / withdrawal
  • Pretty bad odds on services like Dice and Sweeper
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