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is csgoblocks com legit? is a multiplayer CS:GO gambling platform in the sense that players use the same dashboard when playing on the website. The entire design is built around the theme blocks and it works well. It feels like a complete service and it scores great on various scam adviser domains. It has in the past had sponsorships with popular Youtube channels like WatchGamesTV and there are no serious reports of scam. The one bad thing I have to say about CSGOBlocks is that they, in my opinion, use fake advertisement. They somewhat mislead new customers by claiming you get $5 for free however those are test coins and cannot be used to buy skins.

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csgoblocks com bonuses promocodes free coinsThere are many ways to earn some few credits when playing on CSGOBlocks. Most of the methods require you to deposit at least 500 coins which equal $0,5 before you are eligible for various free incomes. The first one requires you to have in your steam nickname and it will then unlock a daily bonus resetting each 24th hour. Next thing is to add their logo as your profile picture and this is also a daily bonus to be claimed. Each hour you can log in to claim another smaller bonus however you can potentially do this  24 times a day and it does not require anything but a deposit of at least 500 credits. There will randomly be dropped special codes that each rewarding you with a specific unique amount. Please keep in mind doing so will reset your test coins.

These test chips can only be achieved by using our CSGOblocks code CSGONINJA and will give you 5000 of this unique currency. The test coins are not real credits however many people will try and convince you so claiming that you will get $5 for free. The test chips use their own system that rewards you with real coins per 50.000 wagered test credits. For each 50.000 test coins you will be granted 500 of the actual currency and you can get up to a maximum of $1.5 by doing so. It is actually not that hard to complete and it is certainly paying better than most other websites. The only problem is how a lot of people get mislead by the amount and believe this is $5 for free, please use your common sense. No one can afford that amount and if it sounds too good to be true, it may sound harsh but I will keep you out of a lot of bad things on the internet.

csgoblocks com bonus promo code free skins

Please note that these test coins will be removed as soon as your first deposit goes through and the bonuses awarded by wagering the beginner currency will be applied to the first deposit and therefore is not claimable without a deposit. The next and certainly also well-paying income is the trivias available in the chatroom. You need to deposit before using the chat but it unlocks a bunch of features. If you are very active it is not impossible to earn a few bucks a day by answering trivias and entering giveaways.

The very final way is by sponsorships however this does not apply to the average user and you will need a growing Youtube channel with 3.000 subscribers and more than 1.000 views per video, before even being taken into consideration as a potential sponsored partner.


csgoblocks com fees commissions house edge

There is no actual fee when playing but it is obvious that the odds are highly against you. These websites are created to turn a profit for the house and not you. There is a slight difference from a skin when deposited by you or withdrawn from the shop. It is not a tremendous variable and is mainly serving to protect the withdraw system against potential abusers wanting to trade up their lower priced skins for high tier goodies. It is also required to bet at least half of your deposit before withdrawing otherwise you might risk getting your account permanently banned and the remaining balance locked forever.


csgo gambling skins siteThere are a bunch of features when playing on counting provability system, unique designs, trivias, unique game modes, and leaderboards. Starting off with the provability system it works just like most other platforms. You can go to your history under the account page and from there verify each roll if you believe any sort of fraud or mistake has happened. It is a great tool though most people will not ever use it.

The design is one of the two main reasons for CSGOBlocks popularity. It looks really great and is very well integrated into the website layout. All of the 3 game modes are way different from the common ones. We have the roulette however it is with a twist to make things a bit more exciting.

Next up is the Blockselector, here you guess which multiplier is going to be picked next time and if you hit right, your bet will be multiplied by that number. The last one is by far the most popular one and also the reason the service experienced such a quick growth in traffic at the very beginning. It is an endless roll of multipliers running by when they hit a certain spot on the screen they will then either profit or cause you a loss. It is quite hard to explain simply because it so much different from other games but it is great fun and can be enjoyed with multiple other friends. It is very interactive and you will need to be a bit fast to grab a block for yourself. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something new.

The trivia is probably the second most important factor when figuring out why the service quickly got so popular. There are many giveaways in the chat all day long with some bigger ones at high traffic hours around after noon CEST. This means also players with $0 in balance can interact with the rest of the users and have a reason to stay. There is almost always above 500 players online which is pretty decent compared to other domains.

The leaderboards are a very simple feature that enables players to compare their wagering history to the rest of the community and to check who has profited the most on the website. This is a pretty common tool but still a great thing to have.


csgoblocks com pros consPros
–    Unique designs and games
–    Lots of ways to earn free coins
–    Legit service

–    Odds favoring the house
–    Deposits are required in order to do most things
–    Their advertisement for free coins is misleading

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