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This is a wagering and box opening platform and it is also a marketplace where you can buy skins, weapons and anything else related to CS:GO. According to Scam Adviser, CSGOBig.com is a safe website, with an 89% score. The service is just a little over 2 years old and has an above average speed for loading the pages. It is based out of Japan and the owner’s contact info is readily available online and not hidden like some of the shadier skin sites out there. It has a Alexa ranking of 47502, which makes it a very gambling platform.

Trust Pilot gives CSGOBig.com a score of 6.1 out of a possible 10, which has earned it 3 of the 5 total possible stars. Two reviews on Trust Pilot were used in figuring the rating. One of the reviews was negative, claiming they never got their merchandise and the other, a positive one had no comments, just a 5 star rating. Scam Adviser has no feedbacks listed.

The Steam community chatter about CSGOBig.com is all positive for the most part. Within the forums, highly regarded members all say positive things about this service. The only negative connotations that will be found are not regarding scams perpetrated, but rather about pricing being too high and how users have extremely bad luck sometimes. There were no mentions of people losing money or items and everyone generally spoke well of the customer support they received when they had to use it.

Overall, CSGOBig.com has been found to be legit on all fronts. Full transparency of the business owner and location, as well as all positively motivated posts were found lead one to believe that this is a website that can be trusted to deliver the goods and services that it promises to its customers.

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csgobig com bonus promocode free moneyThey offer promo codes from time to time through their social media channels. They also have an affiliate program, where the referrer will give out their referral code, which would then be used in the same fashion as a promo code. Feel free to use our CSGObig.com affiliate code esportsninja, it will be much appreciated! Most of the codes that they produce allow the user to receive a discount on their direct store purchases or a reduction in fees for their trading and wagering platform.

They also offer users the option to add the domain name to their steam username to receive other promotional spiffs. They offer a daily wheel, which allows you to spin and win a guaranteed prize. The prizes on the wheel range from credits to skins and weaponry.

To find promo codes that are valid for CSGOBig.com, simply visit their Facebook or Twitter pages, as those seem to be the places where they are most abundant. Also, watch those same feeds for info on upcoming giveaways and other contests and events that will offer up some free stuff.

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csgobig com house edge fees commissionsTheir fees are based on the total amount that is transacted during any trade or other events that send money from your account to the service. These are assessed as taxes and they have a variable rate. The rate does not ever exceed 5% and rarely even reaches that high. In most instances, the fees are in between 1,5% and 3%.


cs go skins buy sell case openThey also offer an immense selection of options for interacting with the website. They have the wagering section, which features a coin flip game, roulette wheel with skins instead of numbers, a raffle, jackpot and Mystery Boxes. The games are all provably fair and this info can be found on the site if you want to check the results of any game rounds.

Besides gambling, CSGOBig.com also has some cool features that allow you to do things that a lot of other skin trading or wagering sites do not offer. First, they have integrated with Sound Cloud and allow you to use their Jukebox, which plays the song you choose for everyone here. They also allow you to send a gift to other users and even exchange items.

They have a very easy to use the marketplace, which overlays right on top of the existing website, making it quick and easy to get the items you need or want. And if they do not have what you are looking for, they link directly with BitSkins, so you can find what it is that you want. There is a never a reason to be without the weapons, skins or any other CS:GO item that you want with all of the options they have available.

The other cool features on CSGOBig.com include the ability to set the secondary color of the design to your choice of blue, red, pink, blue, green, orange or cyan. The live chat, or troll box as they are lovingly called is an ever moving provider of fun social engagement. Lastly, they offer you the opportunity to earn free coins by watching videos or completing surveys through the earn.gg network. Simply complete the offers or watch the videos and you will get coins credited to your account for use on the site.


csgobig com pros consPros

  • Fully integrated with your Steam Inventory
  • Tons of games, prizes, giveaways and unique features
  • Real Time Tracking makes it fun and exciting
  • Tons of cool prizes, chances to win credits and promotions
  • Earn coins through affiliate referrals


  • Higher than average fees
  • Site tends to load slowly during peak hours
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this site is real scam, fake roulette