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I understand that CSGO players who are betting for redeeming skins and weapons are looking for legitimate platforms out there. However, take note that no service is perfect when it comes to delivering the needs of the customers. Just like any other Counter Strike gambling related site out there, CSGO500.com is one that you need to know if it’s really legit or not. Before I begin this review, I would like you to know that I am not anyhow connected to this service. I’m just giving you some information about them if it’s worth to spend time here or not. I respect your opinion here whether if it’s positive or negative about my review. Without further ado, let’s begin.

As you may notice, there are some users out there who are claiming that CSGO500.com is a scam. There is one case on Twitter where the guy claimed that this service has cheated him for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Some users claimed that admins also own CSGO500.pro which scammed a lot of players out there. They thought that this is the sister site of the main one, but it’s not.

Original owners are not associated with fake services like these, so sad to say that others are falling for this trap. Others commented on their tweet that they’ve regretted betting on this fake site. There are a lot of similar scam projects like these which are giving away $50 for free. You just need to deposit to receive free funds, but the issue is that you cannot withdraw anything back. It’s sad that there are players out there who believe in these hypes, so they have learned their lesson.

Another case that I have found was on a forum from HLTV.org. A certain user named CSGODEMOSTV started the thread if this is really a scam or not. There are mixed yes and no answers I’ve seen in replies here. In my opinion, I would really think that these people who said that CSGO500.com is not legit are either from other competitors or they’re just losing themselves because of their losses, or maybe they just didn’t understand how everything works here.

A user named TintasRugby said that his friend has some skins on his inventory, and they’re completely gone all of a sudden. He didn’t get any money at the balance and the transaction wasn’t appearing on the trade history. For me, I think in this case that there’s no way this website could steal items from this user. Maybe it’s just a temporary glitch or they’re going under maintenance that results in this issue.

On Youtube, there are videos who are reviewing CSGO500.com. Their video titles do include the “scam” word, but they do not make any certain accusation. A Youtube user named Doppla claimed in his video description that he wanted to withdraw his earnings, but he could not. He had $150 on his account balance, and it looks like he cannot use it to redeem his earnings there. At first, most of the users believe that his statement is true.

But following up on his video, it appears like the guy just did not understand the terms and conditions. In comment section, a lot of users told that in order to withdraw money you need to deposit at least one skin and at the same time you should level up by playing roulette. So this is a nice example of how is it important to read the rules before gambling.

At the end of the day, looks like a lot of competitors are trying to take this platform down for good so that they could ask customers to join and become active at their own betting services. It’s normal for these CSGO betting-related sites to encounter cheating claims. However, as they believe that they’re doing it right and make customers happy, they stand up to it. With a lot of active users and more new ones who sign up and play with them, I concluded that this platform is not a scam. This is absolutely legit and honest like no other.

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Just like any other gambling website, this one is giving you free coins for test betting. You will be getting 1,000 free coins for joining plus you’ll get 50 bonus coins per referral. I think there are various promo codes around the corner, but feel free to use our CSGO500 referral code ESPORTSNINJA to get yourself a free 1,000 Bux balance. Not bad, right?

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csgo500 com house edge fees commissions

When it comes to the site’s house edge, I think it’s fairly low because it only focuses on roulette like CSGOExclusive. They don’t have any other games like Society.gg(ninja’s review) for example does.


cs go skins bets legit

It has almost the same design and structure like CSGOExclusive(check our review) does. It runs smoothly on my part. They have an active chat room in 5 languages (English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian and Brazilian), but they could add more languages in the future. In their roulette game, they’ve added some impressive options for players to bet.

csgo skins betting roulette


csgo 500 com pros cons


1 – Referral rewards, giveaways, etc.

What I really liked most about this site is that they are generous in doing giveaways, bonuses and rewards for referring new players here.

2 – Responsive customer support

I think their customer service is one of the most decent right now. We can contact them through their email address and their FAQ section is extensive.

3 – Smooth transactions (deposits and withdrawals)

I think this is one of the most important advantages of this service. I didn’t have any problems depositing my skins here and It is really easy and fast to get your desired items back.


1 – It is not mobile friendly

This is one problem that they need to solve for mobile users, and they might implement their mobile version in the future.

2 – Only roulette is available

You can only play roulette on this website. There are no other games than this one for good.

3 –  It needs more deposit options

This is another problem that they need to solve which is the lack of options for depositing.

I hope you liked my detailed review guys. However, it is totally up to you to decide whether to give CSGO500.com a shot or not. Have a nice day!

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