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This is a skin wagering and trading platform that allows you to use your in-game items as a means of depositing money into your account. According to Scam Advisor, CSGO.best is 86% safe. The domain name is 1 year and 293 days old and is on servers that are faster than over 80% of all other websites online today.

The registering party is listed as Privacy by Design, LLC and are based out of Portland, Oregon in the United States. Their Alexa ranking is 530,993, making CSGO.best an average service as far as the number of visitors they receive monthly. The owner’s name does have Whois privacy protection, but the rest of the business information is posted publicly, which s a good sign of legitimacy.

Google has deemed it as a safe browsing site, and MyWOT lists their status as unknown. Within the Steam member forums and communities, the platform has not received any scam accusations and the only negative reviews or posts seem to be aimed at the costs and times that it takes for withdrawals to be processed and completed.

As far as the legitimacy of CSGO.best goes, it appears that they are currently a totally legit website that delivers on the promises it makes to its users. While they may be slow in replying to support tickets and customer complaints, they have had no scam reports issued against them. It is safe to assume that they are a service you can trust with your skins and for a chance to win a nice profit by playing their roulette game.

The only thing that should be noted is that they do not have their provably fair coding methods listed for public view. They do not even make a claim of provably fair methods being practiced. This, however, does not seem to have been an issue as of yet.

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csgo legit wagering siteCSGO.best promo code that can be used right now to receive free funds is CSNINJA. This will give you 1000 credits that you can spend on their CSGO roulette. Another way you can earn some free stuff is by referring friends and others to their platform by giving them your own personal promo code, which gives them something free and credits you with the reward as well.

For each person you refer here they give you 2.5% of the amount that user bets for the lifetime of their account. This is a great way to garner a bunch of free coins. Checking in the Steam community forums is another great way to find promo codes for CSGO.best. Be mindful of any expiration dates the promo codes may have and check the different outlets regularly for a chance to score more free stuff and coins.

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csgo best fees commissions house edgeThere are no fees realized by CSGO.best users. The site makes its money by raking the top of the total wagers that are made on each spin of the roulette wheel. So, while they are taking a cut for themselves, the winners of the pot really do not see this as it does not affect the fact that has still won more than they wagered. The losers of the wager obviously feel a loss, but not because of the fees. This set-up works nicely because there is really no additional or hidden costs to the users who utilize the platform while trying to turn a small profit.


cs go best games skinsThis is a wagering site, offering up roulette as the main game that you bet on. This is the only activity the service offers for gambling or anything else. They do have a live chat box on the roulette page that allows you to chat with other users on the platform. The game is pretty simple: place a bet on red or black or you can choose green, which only has 1 spot on the wheel. If you choose red or black and hit, you win 2 times your bet back and green will get you 14 times your money back. You have 30 seconds in between each roll to place your wager. They show you the wagers of all the users so you can see what everyone else is betting on.

You are able to create your account and sign in directly through Steam. This will also allow you to view your full Steam inventory. They allow you to send them skins from your inventory, which they then convert into coins that you use to gamble on the roulette game. When you are ready to cash out, you get skins back in return for a number of coins you wish to cash out. It is a pretty straightforward set up that they have going on over there. It is not only simple and easy to play on CSGO.best but ca be highly profitable if the wheel stops for you.

cs go roulette games skins


csgo best pros consPros

  • Full Steam Inventory integration allowing you to view your inventory
  • Very simple to use interface and easy to understand layout
  • Easy gameplay with no room for confusion or errors in interpretation
  • Nice, clean site design and fast page loading times


  • Very slow to respond to customer support tickets and inquiries
  • No provably fair information is provided to users of the platform
  • Some promo codes have no clear expiration date until you simply try them out
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