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Bets.gg do not have the best reputation out there of all the CS:GO services available. There have been some problems, misunderstandings and just a lot of smaller incidents. Let’s start out with the withdrawal system. Before having their own system they had a companionship with a former service, back then you had to deposit through that site to get your balance here filled up. This 3rd party website does not exist today but rumors say that Bets.gg bought the company and used it for their own balance system. One of the reasons being that the service did not have that good of a reputation.

I myself have used Bets.gg from time to time and I can confirm that there has been quite some problem with their withdraw system. So it is pretty hard to understand if they are legit or not. After a user buys a skin, he or she can then go under their account and withdraw it from there. If everything went well it should send you the item within 3 minutes but almost every time it takes more than a day for them to send the skin. The most frustrating thing about this is the fact that every time you click “withdraw” it pops up with a message saying “please wait 3 minutes” which it can say for days.

Another very bad thing is the lack of mods and admins. The site often has between 200 and 500 online users but there will be in 99/100 cases no mods online which is really annoying. To give you an example, a few weeks ago I have deposited a few dollars, I then placed a bet on a match between Envyus and Gambit but I realized the info was wrong. Envyus and Gambit were not supposed to play that day but Bets.gg listed the game as “live” under their “Match Betting” tab. It took them 2 weeks just to close a match that never happened, simply because they never have any mods on the site.

Besides these things there are many reports of missing payments, this has not happened to me myself but I would not for sure deposit anything too valuable as it is a bit concerning.

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skins cash bonuses

By entering bonus Bets.gg code CSGONINJA your balance will be credited with some free money to play around on the site and check it out by yourself. If you are interested in more free credits than the initial ones given by our code it is possible to get your account verified which will unlock some other bonus features. In order to verify your account, it is required you have more than 2 hours of playing csgo during the last week.

After verifying your account it is possible to tweet a promotion, follow their Twitter and claim a free bonus. This will give you between 0.5 and 0.75 dollars + the daily bonus. Talking about the daily bonus it is one of the best out there, personally, I have not seen a site with a better free money offer. Everyone gets 0.1 dollars per day + 1 cent for each level you get. In my case, this is a total of 24 cents per day which is a lot more than any other service consistently pays on a daily basis.

csgo skins betting free coins


skins cash house edge

There are no hidden fees or house edge on Bets.gg in any of their game modes. They used to take between 0 and 5 percent of the skin coinflips but since this game mode is currently under maintenance, probably will never be available again, so there are no house edges here. Actually, they also give their users very good odds on match betting. Many sites give only 1.85 or 1.8 on a fifty-fifty game that should have 2.0 odds since you have 50% chance of winning – this is a way for the CS:GO gambling services to earn money.

Bets.gg do not have low odds, they always give the ratios equal to the winning chance the team has and you will always get the best possible earnings for the match betting here. Talking about match betting it is important to note that they have shifting odds which mean the probabilities are not final until the moment when the game goes live. Because of this, the odds always shift as new users put money of either of the 2 teams.


cs go skins bets

There are not really any unique features on Bets.gg. They are a well-developed CS:GO gambling service with all the basics that a site like this should contain. I cannot confirm this but from my experience, their crash game is good and often hits very high multipliers, more often that other platforms I have used in the past.

skins cash pros cons


  • Nice layout
  • Many game modes
  • No house edge


  • Bad support, admins and mods
  • Some problems with withdrawals
  • It seems like the manager does not pay too much attention to the site
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