is skinjoker com legit betting site?

Is legit? Unfair Odds and Dead Support

is skinjoker com legit? has a bit of a rough past and is still a little bit shady. Stories of missing payouts to the winners of Jackpot, fake accounts in chat and a generally very low amount of people online are certainly signs of possible scams or frauds. A YouTube video made by a very small channel proven that a guy had not seen a sign of his Jackpot winnings and after some weeks Skinjoker contacted him through the comment section and eventually sent him most of the winnings back. Whether or not this was an attempt to steal the skins away from their users or a simple mistake we probably never will know but it is certainly a warning to be taken seriously.

The fact that there is rarely above 100 unique steam users online is something most people would also take into consideration before depositing to a certain gambling platform. Generally speaking under 100 is pretty low for a decent average legit betting service with happy and satisfied customers. Another thing is that most of the messages in the chat seems botted and it is quite rare to find someone actually responding to your messages except spamming various referral codes for different other websites.

However, I do have to admit them for their Twitter account as they have almost 100k followers which is indeed very good for a counter strike wagering service. To me, it seems pretty possible that some of those followers are fake but it is necessary to mention that Skinjoker is quite an old site so it is certainly possible that they have built their follower number over many years of giveaways and other stuff to create attention.

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skinjoker com bonuses promocode free moneyYou can use our Skinjoker code NUDZVAMG to earn yourself 0,25 $ in online currency here. At the moment the online game mode that can be plaid with those coins is “Binary” which is a complete rip-off from Olimpus if you know that service. Basically, you just guess whether or not the graph is going to go higher or lower. You can use our code by clicking your account profile picture, then hit “REDEEM CODE” and type it in. It will be added instantly to your balance.

Besides promo codes, many giveaways are held by Skinjoker, mostly through Gleam or Twitter occasionally. The giveaways are usually exotic knives worth around 200 – 500 $.

skinjoker com bonus promo code free coins


skinjoker com fee commissions house edgeSkinjoker’s house fee on their Jackpot game is quite high compared to other platforms and can be as high as 10 % of the total pot amount depending on the skins deposited. In case there are no items to cover 10 % they will only take fewer skins, as they are not allowed to higher their fee if there are only expensive skins.

Besides their very high Jackpot margin, the “Binary Game” simply has some of the worst odds I have ever seen. To quickly summarize Binary is a graph game where you have to guess whether or not the graph will be at a lower or higher point than the one it was at when you placed the bet. Let’s say you bet “HIGHER” then after a certain amount of time, the service will determine if the current standpoint is of a higher or lower value than before.

It is a completely fifty – fifty game yet they give you 1.65 odds for a bet. They take 35 % !!! That is insanely high for any games out there and I cannot advise you to deposit your own skins – use our code and try to win something if you manage to then go and withdraw it immediately.

The only way to get reasonable chances to win is by keep on betting. If you bet 10 $ and win you are now at 16,5 $ and Skinjoker will allow you to bet once again now giving you 1.75 odds. This might seem like a nice bonus when it keeps giving you better and better probability but remember that 2.00 is the fair odds here – You have to beat low odds around 4 times just to get fair ones.

Besides those completely unfair chances, the only reason they give the users this opportunity is to try and keep them betting. Unfortunately, the first time you end up losing you will lose it all. It’s like a pyramid game where they try to make you keep playing until you lose it all and they will receive profit.


cs go jackpot coinflip betting skins

There are not that many great or unique features to talk about and actually, most of the necessary ones are gone too. Their support is down or dead as they state it most of the time and all the features on the template is either “Unavailable” or “Coming soon”. The only real feature is their Binary mode which could be pretty cool to see in a version where the odds were changed a bit. Who knows if it might be the next big hit in the csgo gambling scene but it certainly needs to get its chances to win fixed.


skinjoker com pros consPros
–    Old site which is always nice, shows it has managed to keep on going
–    Huge Twitter profile with almost 100k followers
–    Big giveaways on either Gleam or Twitter

–    Reports of missing payouts
–    Many aspects of the site seems dead and simply not working
–    A very low user amount and most messages in the chat seems botted
–    Low pots and almost none activity at all
As a conclusion, I would highly recommend you to redeem out our code NUDZVAMG to try.

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